Portakabin invests £6m in new production facility

Posted on 12 Sep 2012

Maker of modular buildings Portakabin has invested £6m in a new manufacturing facility at its international headquarters in York.

Following a three-year research and development programme, the production facility in York is now manufacturing the company’s new steel-framed building system.

The new production line manufactures the largest range of module sizes and building configurations now available in the UK, which are used as hospital facilities, clinics and treatment centres, teaching space and office extensions.

The investment has resulted in a production system that uses materials insulation technology to improve the consistency of quality and reduce manufacturing time for the new Portakabin modular building system made in the factory.

Typically built when a school or business urgently requires additional space, the company has sought to improve the usage of the buildings to compete against traditional options. The removal of unsightly columns and greater insulation to prevent heat from escaping are just two of the improvements.

“At a time when a number of modular building companies have gone out of business and the UK is suffering tremendous economic challenges, we have made the biggest single investment in the history of our business and a clear commitment to the future of our sector and the construction industry,” said Kevin Jones, director and general manager of sales at Portakabin.

Portakabin has added to its production capacity as it predicts rising demand in the future and installed a new Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) router with full CAD/CAM interface, increasing the accuracy at which windows, doors and air conditioning vents are produced.

“The new production facility gives us the opportunity to compete head on with traditional site-based construction, as well as the modular building sector – with greater capacity,” added Mr Jones.