Putting the electricity in EV

Posted on 6 Oct 2011 by The Manufacturer

Thinking of buying an electric car or adding electric vehicles to your fleet?

Perhaps the idea waiting around while the vehicle charges is putting you off. But did you know 80% of all charging will either be done at home or at work! A further accusation is that electric vehicles take too long to charge. Is 30 minutes too long?

Advances in charging technology and electric vehicles are moving forward at such speed, so much so that electric vehicles will become more common-place sooner rather that later.

The latest development in charging technology is the ‘combi-station juice point’ which made its debut at the Geneva Motorshow earlier this year. The ‘combi-station juice point’ has been developed by npower’s sister business RWE Effizienz, the world-leader in electric vehicle infrastructure.

The ‘combi-station juice point’ combines alternating current charging (AC) technologies with the speed advantages of direct current charging (DC). With a capacity of up to 22 kW AC and up to 50 kW DC, the charging station allows up to six or twelve times faster charging of electric cars compared to a common domestic socket. The ‘combi-station’ satisfies international safety standards such as immediate cut-off of the current flow when the charge plug is removed and an automatic vehicle check.