Putting your net zero site plan into action

Posted on 6 Mar 2023 by The Manufacturer
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Here, Verco’s Athanasios Patsos discusses net zero roadmaps, what they should look like and how to overcome common pitfalls that manufacturers often come across.

If your business has set net zero targets and the strategy to achieve them is defined, it’s now time to put your plan into action and get the job done!

Leading businesses are pushing ahead with setting ambitious net zero targets. Many companies now find themselves in a similar situation: an initial net zero roadmap / strategy has been developed and targets have been recommended and signed off by the board. There is now increasing pressure to develop a detailed and credible implementation plan for each site or business unit.

Verco helps businesses set net zero targets and we also implement delivery, so we have a big picture view of net zero, paired with on-the-ground experience of what really works in a commercial setting.  Many of our clients are making significant progress in this area, achieving impressive carbon reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by working in collaboration with the Verco engineers to optimise site performance and reach their net zero milestones.

What can you do now?

Many companies want to know how targets will be achieved before starting implementation. With net zero that is not always possible; the final abatement may rely on a number of variables (for example policy, commercial, technical) but there are steps that can be taken now to minimise the risk and increase the chances of a successful and cost-effective programme:

  • Develop a sustainable data strategy: plan your data integration strategy and metering deployment determining type, quantity and frequency of information required. Ensure your teams are fully informed by building internal skills capacity on data management.
  • Carry out a pilot bottom-up deep-dive assessment for your operations: this allows proof of concept, it is easily scalable and will identify key barriers, project interrelations and critical timings.
  • Complete an onsite / near site renewable technology assessment: this will narrow down options for future technology deployment and ensure that it is done cost effectively.

Join the webinar: Putting your site net zero plan into action

On: Tuesday 28th March

At: 11.30-12.15 BST

From extensive experience of working on implementation projects with a range of manufacturing clients, Head of Deliver for Zero, Athanasios Patsos will discuss how you can approach delivery of your net zero goals. This will help you begin net zero implementation. He will focus on three key areas that need consideration and planning:

  • Resources – What you will need to implement the plan, and what the key considerations are.
  • Methods – How to break down the workstreams to ensure focussed delivery.
  • Phasing – How to plan the stages for the best outcomes and when to start.

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Athanasios Patsos, Head of Deliver for Zero Corporates, Verco

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