Recent heat wave in UK prompts rise in window technology

Posted on 24 Jul 2015 by The Manufacturer

Anyone that experienced the recent heatwave in the UK knows that it was not as easy as it should have been trying to keep cool on those record-setting hot days in July of 2015.

As reported by the BBC, July 1 broke records set back in 2006 and the heat wave didn’t abate as quickly as many would have liked.

This prompted a rise in the demand for better climate control technology amongst which is the growing trend for automated windows.

Heat health alert issued

The report goes on to say that the heat health alert was actually issued for every part of England, while Scotland was on the alert for torrential downpours, massive thunderstorms and hail that could be as large as 1 cm in diameter.

As well, the heat and lightning that was widespread during this time is thought to have been a major factor in the fire that started in Thetford Forest, consuming at least 30 acres.

Even the M1 wasn’t immune to the dangers as a lorry suddenly erupted into flames as it was carrying a load of batteries. The motorway was then closed temporarily in both directions.

Homeowners and businesses seek relief

“This type of record-setting heat is causing both homeowners and businesses to re-think the necessity of better and more technologically advanced climate control,” says the director of Teal Products, distributor of electric and manual window controls.

Most often it is necessary to keep buildings warmer so opening windows is not a priority he went on to explain. Unfortunately, many of England’s older buildings had windows that were literally stuck shut from years of unuse, leaving those inside sweltering in the heat.

Average July temperatures rising in last decade

Although July 2015 saw record-breaking hot temperatures, it’s apparent that the monthly averages are increasing.

The previous record was set back in 2006 so within the past decade, two records were broken. Usually the average July high temperature in England is around 23° C but this one day, July 1, saw temperatures rise as high as 36.7 in many parts of the country.

With a variation of almost 15° C, that is extreme and is why so many are looking to upgrade windows and climate control technology. If the trend towards hotter temperatures continues, it is possible to see a huge rise in window technology and climate control sectors in the UK.

The Met Office reported that London saw temperatures that were even higher than those recorded in Athens and Rome, even though some parts of the continent did see highs above 40° C. At the moment this may have been a ‘fluke of nature’ but homeowners and businesses are re-thinking climate control throughout the UK. One resident of Worksop was quoted as saying, “This is the first year I actually thought of getting air conditioning and by next year I believe I will be prepared!”

The heat may be a problem for those suffering from it but for those in the line of climate control, it is proving to be a real boon.