Rockwell credits US sales surge for profit boost

Posted on 29 Apr 2014 by The Manufacturer

Rockwell Automation, the world's largest industrial automation company, has announced a 2.5% rise in quarterly profits due to higher sales of its products in the United States.

Rockwell reported a seven percent rise in US sales for the second quarter ending March 31, with the country making up nearly half of the company’s total revenue of $1.6bn (£952.1).

Sales in Rockwell’s Europe, Middle East and Africa operating region also rose seven percent, to $340m (£202.3m), while Asia Pacific saw an increase for the second quarter in a row to $200.5m (£119.3m).

The figures have been as a result of Rockwell’s sustained investment in the US with the country leading the way globally in automation investment over the last year.

Rockwell, which has its headquarters in Milwaukee but has a UK manufacturing presence in Milton Keynes, has focused heavily on the US as spending elsewhere failed to accelerate at the same rate.

The company maintained its forecast for 2014 earnings on revenue of $6.6 bn (£3.9bn).