Rolls-Royce shows apprentice training is far from a luxury

Posted on 9 Feb 2012 by The Manufacturer

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the car maker known for its range of luxury products has announced a new apprenticeship recruitment drive to ensure the continuity of critical craft skills.

Successful applicants will join Rolls-Royce Motors Cars at the end of August this year to begin their training in key electrical and mechanical engineering skills as well as leatherworking, woodwork and other ‘finesse’ roles.

UK luxury brand manufacturers have expressed concern about the security of these craft skills as the age demographic of employees in  the manufacturing sector
as a whole continues to rise. Luxury handbag maker Mulberry for instance, has expressed concern over the ability to create sufficient new skilled leatherworkers. Glass blowing and fine soldering skills have also been identified as endangered by UK manufacturers of niche luxury products.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars began its apprenticeship programme in 2006 to protect core skills and pass on the experience of the current workforce. The majority of placements are offered to applicants of between 16 and 24 years of age and the training lasts up to four

So far 30 Rolls-Royce apprentices have gone on to join the company in permanent roles.

Rolls-Royce have partnered with the Learning Skills Council, Chichester College and Northbrook College to devise its apprenticeship frame work. The work-based element of training takes place at the Rolls-Royce factory in Goodwood. There is also the possibility of
undertaking business-based apprenticeships with Rolls-Royce. The first business apprentice was taken on at the company in 2011 following the success of the engineering and manufacturing placements.

“We are delighted to announce that Rolls-Royce is seeking candidates for its Apprenticeship Programme. This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the development and training of young people at the very highest levels of UK manufacturing”, said Andrew Ball, corporate communications manager, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, speaking at the SMMT launch event for National Apprentice Week.

“Our new apprentices will join the company at an exciting time, with Rolls-Royce having
recently announced record sales in the company’s 107-year history,” he concluded.

Potential candidates for all Rolls-Royce Motor Cars positions should apply online at:

If you would like to find out more about apprenticeship provision and the help available to employers call Peter Keale ([email protected]) on 0207 401 6033.

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