Rotolok celebrates 50 years of UK manufacturing excellence

Posted on 10 Oct 2023 by James Devonshire

Rotary valve manufacturer Rotolok is celebrating 50 years of UK manufacturing excellence.

Founded in 1973 by Dan McCauley using a modest £2,000 overdraft, Rotolok provides complete turnkey solutions to its valued customers both in the UK and abroad.

Having outgrown its initial premises, Rotolok moved to another location in Bampton before occupying its current 50,000 square foot headquarters in Tiverton, from which it continues to meet the growing demand for its high-quality, British-made equipment.

Rotolok’s commitment to UK-based manufacturing has driven it to expand through strategic acquisitions of associated companies like Solitec Engineering, Roots, and Blo-Tech. Rotolok has been able to uphold its strategy of reinvestment by venturing into the US market, acquiring state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, including laser cutting and CNC machining centres. Its ownership of a foundry further enabled Rotolok to maintain control over the entire manufacturing process, from initial casting to final assembly, ensuring that it consistently delivers high-quality valves with short delivery times.

Investing in its people has always been a core value at Rotolok. The company takes immense pride in its ongoing apprenticeship program, which has seen many apprentices grow and stay with Rotolok. Its highly skilled employees, Rotolok says, are the backbone of its success, and as it continues to expand, it remain committed to its identity as a family business.

Reflecting on this remarkable milestone, Sean Swales, Rotolok Group Managing Director, shared, “We look back on our last 50 years with immense pride, but we also look forward with excitement and determination. The future holds endless possibilities, and we are well-equipped to embrace new challenges and seize emerging opportunities in this ever-changing and challenging business landscape.”

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