Simple ways to reduce electricity costs in a modern business

Posted on 1 Feb 2016 by The Manufacturer

Electricity is one of the biggest expenses in many modern businesses. More different types of equipment use electricity than ever before.

Computers, servers, automation tools and various other machines need a large amount of electricity to operate properly on a daily basis. This increased consumption of this type of energy soon adds up. However, much of the electricity we pay for is not required. Businesses are literally pouring money down the drain each month when they pay their electricity bills. However, there are many practical ways to reduce electricity costs in a modern business. These are some of them.

Turn off appliances

It’s amazing how much electricity is wasted in a business because business owners, managers and employees don’t turn off various appliances. Each appliance may only waste a small amount of energy each. However, the larger your organization, the more waste there is. Over a year this can add up to a large sum of money which could be put to better use.

Use energy efficient appliances, equipment and lighting systems

Tight budgets and a reluctance for businesses to change, has the potential to increase electricity costs. This is particularly true for companies that don’t upgrade or install newer energy efficient appliances, equipment and lighting systems. These energy efficient appliances, equipment and lighting systems may be costly to purchase. However, they don’t consume as much energy as older models or systems. In the long run your business will be saving money as a result of any upgrades you make to energy efficient alternatives.

Turn off computer and laptops when they’re not being used

Computers and laptops play a big role in many modern organizations. Throughout the day they consume a certain amount of electricity. This is fine while they are being used in a productive manner. However, many people don’t turn off their computers, laptops or tablets when they’re not working. Turning off these devices is a habit which should be encouraged each time someone in your business takes a break, goes to a meeting or finishes work for the evening. If everyone does this, the amount a business saves in the course of a year can be substantial.

Use timers to switch off appliances and equipment

Many people are forgetful or leave work in a hurry. This means appliances and equipment are sometimes left turned on unintentionally. There is a solution however. Some appliances and business equipment can be automated to turn off at specific times. A wide range of timers and similar devices allow you to turn off certain appliances and equipment automatically or remotely.

Shop around for the best electricity rates

Not all energy companies are the same. Prices vary from one supplier to another. TXU Energy and other similar electricity companies offer competitive rates that are priced to help reduce business costs.

Cutting unnecessary costs should be a priority in businesses of all sizes. And, acting on the advice above will help you reduce your electricity costs throughout the year.