Stuart Canvas to cover military withdrawal from Afghanistan

Posted on 5 Aug 2014 by The Manufacturer

Stuart Canvas has been appointed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide a protection system to a range of military vehicles as they are withdrawn from Afghanistan.

The agreed contract will see Warrington based Stuart Canvas, manufacturer of bespoke commercial and industrial covers, provide bespoke covers for more than 400 armoured vehicles as they transit back to and are safely stored in the UK.

The covers will be individually designed to environmentally protect more than 10 vehicle types from the protected mobility fleet and range from the much acclaimed ‘Foxhounds’ and ‘Mastiffs’ through to self-loaders and Caterpillar diggers.

Stuart Canvas was briefed to produce a cover for each vehicle that weighed less than 30kg and that could be easily utilised by two people in less than 15 minutes without the need to risk operating at height.

Major Shaun Goodman, comments: “The ability to provide vehicle covers that provide the environmental and climatic protection, specifically to the high levels we have demanded, was no mean challenge. From an early stage Stuart Canvas came up with a solution by vehicle type that meets the stringent demands placed on the usage and durability of the covers.

“In addition, they placed high value on the safety of the user whilst deploying the covers.  As a small medium enterprise, they have shown great potential, and if their willingness to please is anything to go by, they have a long future with the MoD”.

The covers will all be designed and manufactured in the UK from Stuart Canvas’s site in Warrington.  The works, scheduled to coincide with one of the largest redeployments of military vehicles since the Second World War. Each vehicle will undergo a programme of cleaning and decontamination before they are covered.  The covers, made from a lightweight, fireproof and breathable material, are also specifically designed to protect the vehicles from corrosion and environmental damage ensuring they are kept in good condition until they are required again for another deployment or training exercise.

Ed Stoddart, chief executive officer of Stuart Canvas, comments:  “We are proud to have been selected to support the MoD in this significant programme.  Our team in Warrington has designed and manufactured bespoke covers for each vehicle so that they can be quickly and easily protected from environmental damage and yet are easy to access when needed.  It’s good news for the MoD vehicles and great news for UK manufacturing as a whole.”