How to successfully manage demand volatility in manufacturing

Posted on 4 Jul 2018 by The Manufacturer

One of the key challenges for manufacturers today is how to respond to changing demand. As order books bulge and contract, you need to be nimble in order to respond to the unpredictability of modern business.

Abstract business graph manage demand volatility growth fall - image courtesy of Depositphotos.
Every business leader rejoices in a sudden uptick in demand, yet responding to it quickly and effectively is not always easy – image courtesy of Depositphotos.

No business can afford to take their eyes off the ball. Customers are increasingly demanding. They expect the same level of service, whatever the nature and size of requirement, demanding that products are delivered in a fast and efficient manner.

Many manufacturers are finding a solution in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and K3’s SYSPRO solution provides decision-makers with a technological tool kit to gather and analyse data across the business and ensure it can flex accordingly, no matter what tomorrow might bring.

Every business leader rejoices in a sudden uptick in demand, yet responding to it quickly and effectively is not always easy.

Are there resources, systems and processes in place to react appropriately? Do you have the data at your fingertips which will allow you to make the necessary adaptations and allocations? For too many businesses the answer is still no.

Effective ERP empowers manufacturers to deal with peaks and troughs in demand. The greater the visibility across the business, the better placed you are to adapt and ensure flexibility.

SYSPRO has been designed with the needs of modern manufacturers in mind, with in-built scalability that gives businesses confidence they are robust and flexible enough to tackle whatever may lay ahead.

SYSPRO is a system of insight and collaboration which enables companies to be agile and responsive; business leaders need control of every nook and cranny of their operation.

Discerning manufacturers are exploiting ERP systems to connect the dots and ensure all elements of the business can talk to one another and work in synergy.

CROP - SYSPRO ERP Scalable - Infographic
Click on the image above to open an infographic and learn how scalable ERP offers the performance that meets your enterprise needs.

Too many businesses are hampered by poor communication between disparate systems, running incompatible systems and singing from very different hymn sheets – something K3’s DataSwitch integration tool can help with.

Manufacturers require acumen and agility to respond to fluctuating market demands. That comes from having access to reliable real-time data on all areas of the business.

As SYSPRO’s main European distributor, K3’s software gives customers invaluable insight into their operation ensuring there is the transparency required to make strategic business decisions.

Only by understanding and tracking inter-departmental relationships can manufacturers understand the different pressure points and how putting additional pressure placed on one part of the business might impact on the rest.

An efficiently designed system of reporting and workflows makes the process of scaling operations far easier. Once the different elements are synchronised, they are better equipped to respond to shifting requirements from customers and suppliers.

Once that connectivity backbone is in place, manufacturers can add other applications and extra functionality to their ERP ecosystem as and when required, knowing it will remain robust, whatever changes the business may undergo.

You can extend these benefits beyond the organisation to encompass trusted customers and suppliers. They can enjoy access to your ERP system to enhance their own scalability. The software upgrade technology allows users to upgrade only when it makes sense, providing only the software you require, whenever and wherever it is needed.

K3 Syspro is the natural partner for manufacturers who need to adapt to change quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Whether you’re rolling out new technological solutions or adding new capabilities to respond to customer demand, having a scalable ERP system in place to respond to transactional elasticity, will improve productivity and optimise performance.