Sunseeker seeks new staff

Posted on 8 Jan 2016 by Fred Tongue

Dorset-based yacht manufacturer, Sunseeker, is looking to take on an extra 250 staff this year.

The company had originally said that it anticipated that it would need to take on an extra 100 staff members this year, but has now revised that total and is looking to take on an extra 150 people on top of that.

Sunseeker is looking to take on the extra staff to coincide with the launch of several new models during 2016. The new members of staff will be based in the firms manufacturing operations in Dorset, working in both constructions trades (such as carpentry, plumbing and electrical and boat building) and engineering trades (including mechanical engineering, and composites).

The extra cohort of workers would take the total number of employees working for Sunseeker to around 2,150.

Chief executive, Phil Popman commented: “We are pleased to announce these recruitment plans which give a clear signal of the positive times ahead at Sunseeker.

“We have a clear and robust business plan to invest in long term growth and sustainable success, backed by our majority shareholder Wanda Group whose stable ownership and strong financial backing enables us to plan and invest for the future.

“Our forward order book for 2016 and beyond is looking very strong, currently up 55% over the same period last year.”