Switching to service: The top servitization stories of 2018

Posted on 27 Dec 2018 by Maddy White

Embracing a service-based approach has been a priority for many manufacturers this year, as it can boost and/or open new revenue streams and help strengthen customer relationships. Here are The Manufacturer’s top servitization stories of the year!

1) Transforming farming with agribots

Small Robot Company has won a award for helping farms to increase yields and profits.
Servitized robots could help feed the planet – image courtesy of Small Robot Co.

The global population is projected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. Ensuring an adequate, sustainable and secure supply of food is one of the great issues of our time. Maddy White reports on how a service-based approach could solve the question of how to feed the planet.

2) Servitization + digital tech = ↓ food waste & ↑ competitiveness

As we start to witness the widespread adoption of digitalisation – the technology focus behind Industry 4.0, Siemens UK’s Steve Martin outlines how the company’s ‘outcome based’ service proposition, allied to industrial digital technologies, is set to revolutionise its relationship with the food industry.

3) Servitization: A contract manufacturer’s journey

As a manufacturing service provider, G&B is seeing rising demand for servitization to create a more productive & lean supply chain strategy for its clients.

Laura McBrown discusses some key points G&B Electronic Designs Ltd has learnt as it offered servitization to its clients, and added value to its core manufacturing business.

4) 5 steps to successful field service servitization

Top tips to guide your business through how to keep costs low and achieve success in a servitization model.

5) Grow your business through data-driven services

Servitization has completely disrupted manufacturing.
Service-based models have completely disrupted manufacturing – image courtesy of Depositphotos.

Nick Frank and Dave Hogan of Hennik Edge, The Manufacturer’s networked expert advisory team, reflect on how to grow your business through data-driven services by first thinking about how they would benefit your customers.

6) Three examples that make the case for service-based models

In the past few years, the function of a manufacturer has drastically changed. With a growing number of businesses in a variety of sectors, from lighting to plastics and the farming industry, stepping into the services field, what manufacturers can now offer has transformed.

7) Daikin Applied UK: One manufacturer’s “revolutionary” shift to service

By adopting a digital, cloud-first strategy, Daikin Applied UK has created a truly connected customer value chain and a market-leading competitive advantage.

8) How can servitization be integrated into your business?

Eight out of 10 manufacturers believe using technologies to servitize their company will help broaden their customer base. But, if your business has never offered a service-based approach before, how can servitization be introduced?

9) Servitization: Embracing customers, boosting revenues

Servitization Customer Service Creative handshake abstract circuit technology infographic
Service-based models are increasingly being integrated into businesses.

The way manufacturers talk about servitization these days, you’d think it was something new and shiny, but it’s as old as razor blades. Nick Peters reports on the background of offering Products-as-a-Service.

10) LED lighting manufacturer utilises servitization

Service-based models are increasingly being integrated into businesses, as manufacturers look to retain and strengthen customer relationships. Lighting manufacturer Lumenstream are hoping to “disrupt” the industry with their servitized approach.