The customer value of moving your product registration to mobile

Posted on 16 Nov 2016 by The Manufacturer

BrandLoop has launched a product to help manufacturers overhaul their product registrations and better connect with their customers.

Samsung customers know exactly how maddening the combination of faulty tech and lousy relationship management can be. The post-mortems of Samsung’s recent recalls explain precisely how important it is for brands to build customer relationships before anything blows up, literally or figuratively.

For brands in the spotlight, holding up their end of the bargain with customer support or warranty claims means leaning on a positive customer relationship. Building those connections takes time, and it can start the moment a customer opens the packaging of a product if a company can effectively capture customers during that critical moment.

Most manufacturers rely on paper, mail-in registration cards for a sizeable chunk of this insight-rich information. This archaic approach is both clunky and outdated. In fact, some studies show that less than 2% of product registrations are ever returned.

A reactive approach focused on triage and solving existing problems creates a systemic risk to the brand, all while missing information from customers that could inform better customer acquisition. The current suite of software tools manufacturing marketers rely on to accomplish that task, from CRM’s to social media management tools, often fail to take trends in mobile and consumer behavior into account.

Product registration provides insight

Imagine if a consumer product company actually knew who its customers were, and used that cold, hard data to inform how they related to them.

BrandLoop is a product that makes this possible for marketers. Its mobile-first technology simplifies the warranty registration process for customers, and aggregates actionable demographic data for marketers and brands. BrandLoop’s social single sign on technology saves customers time and repetitive data entry by using account information from Facebook, Google+ and other common networks to complete product registration fields.

The benefit of using social media to complete the registration process is twofold. “The best part of BrandLoop is that it’s useful for both consumers and manufacturers” says Taylor Mingos, CEO of BrandLoop. “BrandLoop saves customer information so they only need to fill it in once and it’s saved for every future purchase they make. It’s also great for manufacturers because they receive a greater number of registrations and more useful demographic information about their customers.”

In addition to making product registrations more convenient, BrandLoop has found that customers are 80% more likely to register a product if they can do it on their phone.

BrandLoop launched publicly in October 2016 after securing pilot contracts with national manufacturing brands Sauder furniture, Kidde home safety products and Moog Music. All three companies successfully deployed BrandLoop product registration to customers in mid and late 2016.

Pricing for BrandLoop varies based on manufacturer needs. It is free for consumers.