The Manufacturer Collaboratory is open for business

Posted on 11 Sep 2017 by The Manufacturer

The UK’s decision-makers are helping each other learn and grow using a new invitation-only service.

Steven Barr, of The Manufacturer’s consultancy team Hennik Edge, explains how The Manufacturer Collaboratory makes it easier to receive and give answers, securely and privately, and to strengthen business plans before committing to major investment.

The Manufacturer Collaboratory
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It may surprise you to hear a hardened consultant like me say that it may be good not to get too involved too soon with specialist solution providers – that later may be better than sooner.

When you are starting to think about opportunities and risks for your business, you want to know what’s possible and what’s working for similar companies. That breadth of knowledge lies with the community of leaders in a wide range of roles in the manufacturing sector.

That community is The Manufacturer’s heartland, and our new venture aims to foster collaboration for the benefit of individual companies and the sector as a whole.

The Manufacturer Collaboratory is designed for busy decision-makers. The online service uses ProFinda, the most advanced talent-matching software, to make automatic connections between people with questions and people with the experience to answer them.

Our independent advisors facilitate the engagement between members, securely and privately. Our goal is to turn connections into relationships and collaborations for success in the real and challenging world of manufacturing.

The independent advisors also raise awareness of what can be achieved with specialist products and services. They are on hand to help you refine your plans.

Then, when you are ready, they can refer you to shortlists of the best solution providers in the industry, from machinery, equipment and software, to finance, advisory, outsourced services and beyond.

The service is completely free to UK manufacturers and buyers of their goods and services.

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By giving manufacturers and buyers the space and the support to think about what’s best for them, the specialist solution providers also benefit from more committed prospects. Initial feedback has been very encouraging, as you can see from responses quoted in the box below.

Feedback from The Manufacturer Collaboratory users

How does it work?

The first stage is when decision-makers in UK manufacturing companies and buyers of UK manufactured goods and services are invited to join The Manufacturer Collaboratory membership.

There are then three easy steps get you on board and benefitting:

  • Sign-in with your personal invitation – 10 minutes is all you need to get started.
  • Talk online with one of our independent advisors about your aims and objectives, and let him or her raise your profile
  • Ask questions and get answers from other members, helping you to shape up your plans, and help others with theirs

Next, there are just two more steps to accelerate your business:

  • Work with your independent advisor to create an action plan outlining key technical, financial, operational and personal requirements
  • Be referred to shortlists of the best solution providers for the specialist products and services you really need.

Your invitation:

Please get in touch to ask for your personal invitation by emailing [email protected], or click on the link: