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Posted on 14 May 2009 by The Manufacturer

A selection of comments from our readers on the possible bailout of Jaguar Land Rover. Add your own thoughts below…

Tim Coley

“Simple. If the British Public are investing in the company, the British Public should own part of it!”

Bruce Johnston

“Bailouts of any auto industry should be to protect jobs. If the Government is providing funding to keep Jaguar afloat, then it has a vested interest in the future of the organization. These funds should come with a laundry list of stipulations that include a strategic plan with government concurrence, reformation plan that speaks specifically to improvements by Jaguar that will increase profitability but not at the expense of jobs. Perhaps eliminating a few corporate jets may be in order…

“I think the U.S. has received its wake up call and is on the road to recovery. We must all bury our sins of the past and start working SMART! Check out ‘GEMBA’.”

Barry Scholes

“I read your comments on the Jaguar Land Rover bail out, I think the government should step in to protect UK jobs, however I don’t think it should be done to benefit the owners of the companies involve.

“What’s wrong with the government asking for conditions, wouldn’t you want to have some influence on how your investment is being handled?

“And as for “Back Door Nationalisation” The current owners do not appear to be able to cope, so why not let someone else take control.”

John Brough

“How long before our foreign owned utility companies jump into the trough to help themselves to more of our money so they can meet government targets? And how about some of the British companies who rushed off to China and are now beginning to struggle as a result of ditching Britain – should we now pick them up, dust them off and ensure their boards and shareholders don’t suffer?

“Perhaps we should also buy General Motors to save Vauxhall.

“Does anyone really believe chairmen and board members chosen by this government will have real ‘turn-round’ experience or intelligent business expertise? Government track record to date suggests not.

“The only certainty is that the chosen few will be rewarded with massive payment, perks and eventual honours – irrespective of any business outcome.

“The general public, as always, will be left to foot the bill – and our MPs will probably get another pay increase.

“Rule Britannia!”

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