Top 3 advantages of wireless security

Posted on 12 Jun 2015 by The Manufacturer

In recent years there have been higher incidences of copper theft and other metals from vacant buildings, especially industrial complexes that have an abundance of piping.

As the price of copper soars, thieves are targeting railways and buildings lying empty. With the advances in wireless security, it is now possible to monitor empty buildings 24/7. If you are a property owner trying to decide how best to protect your building whilst it is lying vacant, you just may wish to consider wireless security. Here are the top three advantages to going wireless.

1) No Need for Electric and Telephone Cables

When a company closes down, it just makes sense that they will have the utilities disconnected. This means there would be no electric or telephone services and normal remote security would be impossible to install. With wireless technology there is no need for electricity or telephones and this type of security system can even be used on buildings that have no cables connected such as those in remote locations of the country.

2) No Need for Security Guards

Unfortunately, many of these properties go unguarded as it would simply cost too much to post security around the clock. There was a time when property owners would hire a security company to make the rounds every few days but with wireless vacant property security this is no longer necessary. It is much more cost effective to have a security system installed that can be remotely monitored and the only time human intervention would be required is if the alarms were triggered at the command centre. At that point, Compound Security Specialists would activate a rapid response team and notify the local police to be on site within just minutes.

3) Third Party Remote Access for Owners

Another advantage of wireless security is that owners would have access to remote video as well. For their own peace of mind they can also check in with cameras that are feeding live shots to the system which can be accessed from any computer the owner wishes to connect with. Also, it is helpful to have property owners check the feed from time to time as they know the property best, after all it is theirs. If anything seems amiss they simply need to call the monitoring company to send someone out to investigate further. Small details would be noticed much more quickly by someone who is familiar with the grounds.

Whether you have wound up business, waiting for renovations or the property is simply up for sale, it is a major investment that should be carefully monitored and protected against theft. Wireless technology makes it possible to keep a watchful eye on the land whether there is power running to the building or not. Most often there will be no telephone so a wireless security system is a must. There is no need to hire expensive security guards as the property and vacant buildings can be remotely monitored. Don’t leave your commercial property to the mercy of thieves when there is technology available to monitor it around the clock.