Top tips: Transforming the role of finance in manufacturing

Do you want to know how your manufacturing firm can be strategic in its finance function? Finance executives from industry-leading manufacturers share insights on how finance teams can drive transformation in your business today.

The role of the Finance Director in British industry is changing – in response to new approaches to investment, growth and risk. We asked chief decision-makers how they believe the function of finance is being transformed.

How do you expect the role of the finance function to evolve in the coming years? What is driving that change?

Justin Thornton, Director of Internal Audit & Risk Management, Aston Martin says:

“There is a continued need to become more valuable business partners, rather than simply spend police. We need to be able to challenge the business around value proposition for investment and spend decisions and work as partners to help deliver better outcomes. This is largely being driven because of growing focus on headcount and the challenge to justify your numbers and existence.”

Alex Sashenkov, Finance Business Partner/Manufacturing & Logistics Financial Controller, Akzo Nobel says:

“There are some companies who are still using the ‘old model’, where the finance function is simply seen as the ‘calculator’. Cost and profitability targets place more of an emphasis on making better finance decisions where finance will evolve to play a key role as a strategic advisor, helping steer companies using finance acumen. With forward strategic thinking and a good understanding of macro-economic environments, calculators will become navigators.”

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