Top UK manufacturers to push message of competitiveness

Posted on 9 Feb 2015 by Callum Bentley

Big UK manufacturing brands in partnership with EEF invite UK manufacturers to explore resource-efficient, future-proof circular business models to help enhance the competitiveness of British manufacturing at Resource

Taking place from March 3 -5 at London’s ExCeL, Resource, the annual three-day congress and exhibition that brings together over 11,000 international circular economy professionals, will host its first ever Manufacturing Hub to help manufacturers retain their position in an increasingly competitive global market.

Manufacturers play a vital role in coordinating and steering the circular economy. Not only do they have the deepest knowledge of their product, they are also the link between the customer, designer and raw material supplier.

“At a time where price volatility and resource scarcity are driving manufacturing, circular business models offer clear economic benefits to manufacturers” said Susanne Baker, Senior Climate & Environment Policy Adviser, EEF. She continues: “Increasingly, research is showing that companies involved in remanufacturing and circular business models enjoy higher profit margin and leverage a competitive edge over low-cost producers.”

The big debate is one of the more popular items at Resource.
The big debate is one of the more popular items at Resource.

Supporters of the Manufacturing Hub, which will include CAT Reman, other big UK manufacturers and experts, will share the challenges they are currently facing and those they have overcome, providing manufacturers with unique insight into live circular business models.

A number of intimate roundtables and workshops will also take place focusing on key manufacturing issues such as how composites and 3D printing fit into the circular economy, how to develop a business plan to support a circular business model and how the circular economy complements servitisation.

The aim of the roundtables is to reconcile key manufacturing trends with circular thinking and enable manufacturers to turn theory into a strategic plan for action.

EEF will also be conducting research live at the event looking at the skills and training needs of manufacturers as well as the technical and policy barriers which need overcoming to enable manufacturers to migrate away from linear models.

Phil Brownsord, region director, South West, EEF adds: “We want British manufacturers to investigate circularity because we think it can help future-proof our vibrant sector. But we want to find out more about skills and knowledge gaps. We will be conducting research live at Resource to better identify the barriers manufacturers currently face and will use this develop training support and to lobby for a better EU and UK policy framework.”

Stephen Gee, a founding director of Resource, said: “It is both a challenging and exciting time for manufacturers as they look at new sustainable ways of providing products and services to counter the squeeze on long term global resource prices and availability. In partnership with the EEF we are delighted to be supporting manufacturers as they explore the new business models and profit opportunities that the circular economy offers. In particular, the opportunities within remanufacturing and leasing over ownership are particularly exciting and well covered at the show in March.”

The event is unique in that it attracts all profiles involved in circular business models: from designers and manufacturers through to retailers and the recovery sector. Running in parallel with Ecobuild, Resource hosts 120 speakers, 90 exhibitors and 24 industry workshops. The event is completely free to attend, March 3-5 at London’s ExCeL.

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