Transform a used vehicle: How to manufacture a new car from an old favourite

Posted on 12 Feb 2018 by The Manufacturer

Car manufacturers take pride in creating powerful vehicles, which can help drivers navigate from A to B with both ease and style.

With enough effort, a used car can be almost new again. Image - Public Domain.
With enough effort, a used car can be almost new again. Image – Public Domain.

Unfortunately, many people are ditching their old vehicles in favour of newer models, despite their expensive price tag. As a result, many used vehicles are simply rusting in dealerships, garages and driveways. Yet, they can be easily restored to look better than ever. Find out how to make an old car look brand new.

Deep clean the vehicle

A deep clean can transform the look and feel of a vehicle. Shampoo both the carpet and upholstery, and scour every nook and cranny within the vehicle. Don’t forget to remove the seat cushions to vacuum crumbs and dirt that may have accumulated over the years.

Improve the car’s cockpit

If the wheel has deteriorated over time, all it might take to transform the interior is an affordable cover. You can also repaint or dye the dashboard pad if it has faded, so it will appear as good as new. Little tweaks will make a huge difference to a car’s appearance.

Invest in an overspray removal

Breathe new life into a car with a vehicle overspray removal service. You should learn more about National Overspray Removal, a professional Overspray Company, who have extensive experience removing various contaminants damaging your vehicle’s appearance, such as paint, cement, latex or chemical erosion. As a result, your old car could look better than when it was initially driven away from dealership – so no-one will question that you are driving a second-hand vehicle.

Trade an old radio head

Older vehicles will more than likely feature an outdated sound system. It is, however, easy to trade an old radio head unit for a system that can connect with your smartphone or iPod, and that features Bluetooth connectivity.

Buy quality tyres

Your car will only drive as smoothly as its tyres allow. If you want to improve your vehicle’s performance on the road, you may need to improve the tyres. Choose from many wheel combinations that can complement your vehicle, as they can transform both its appearance and performance. Changing the tyres will make a huge difference to your car, and it is a relatively inexpensive upgrade that is much cheaper than buying a brand-new vehicle.

Restore headlights

Vehicles that were manufactured during the last few decades commonly feature plastic composite headlamps, which can gradually dull or weather. The problem can, however, be easily fixed, as headlight restorations are very affordable. It takes just a few minutes to change but can immediately improve the illumination of your car.

Clean the A/C

A car’s air conditioner can experience a build-up of mould, mildew, and bacteria over time. Yet, you can revitalise the system by giving it a thorough clean, as dust, grime, leaves or other debris could prevent air from passing through the unit. Simple clean or change the A/C filters, and you could even add an air conditioning deodoriser to improve the smell of the vehicle.