UK at the bottom of automotive reliability pile

Posted on 14 Jul 2014 by The Manufacturer

Cars manufactured in the UK have been named the most unreliable in an eight-nation table topped by Japanese vehicle makers.

Car performance from companies such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Vauxhall were used to compile data in The Warranty Direct Company’s survey, with companies under the JLR brand specifically singled out for their low reliability score.

Warranty Direct’s reliability list

1. Japan 80

2. France 113

3. Korea 123

4. USA 156

5. Sweden 158

6. Germany 168

7. Italy 175.5

8. UK 209

The results were figured from analysis of UK-owned vehicles averaging five years old and with around 50,000 on the clock, with the lower score given to a country’s cars indicating it as more reliable.

Japan comfortably topped the list with a score of 80, with France in second place with 113 followed by Korea (123) and the USA (156).

The UK, which scored 209, was also beaten by Sweden (158), Germany (168) and Italy (175.5) in a poll which showed the most commonly identified faults as axle, suspension and electrical issues.

Warranty Direct managing director David Gerrans said: “Though the automotive industry has many blurred lines now in terms of countries of origin, the average consumer maintains certain preconceptions about car brands and the countries that create them.

“German reliability’ is an oft-used phrase, but as demonstrated here, the country’s output as a whole doesn’t match up to its close neighbours, the French, whose cars as a whole are more reliable.”