Benz subsidiary to design successor to Land Rover Defender

Posted on 20 Feb 2018 by Jonny Williamson

Engineering firm MBtech, which is part-owned by Mercedes-Benz, has been awarded the contract with British Ineos Automotive to engineer its Land Rover Defender-inspired ‘Projekt Grenadier’ SUV.

MBtech is to build with Ineos Automotive the Land Rover Defender-inspired Projekt Grenadier – image courtesy of Depositphotos.

The appointment represents a significant step forward in the realisation of INEOS’s plans to build an uncompromising world class 4×4 vehicle.

As reported by the media, more than 200 German engineers will be working full-time on the project in Stuttgart by spring 2018.

Dirk Heilmann, CEO of INEOS Automotive, said: “This deal will bring together German engineering and British design and entrepreneurship to create a truly formidable off roader.”

INEOS Automotive and German engineering company MBtech have struck a landmark deal which will see the companies officially partner to develop Projekt Grenadier’s vehicle.

MBtech was founded in 1995 as Mercedes-Benz Technologies. Although the majority of its work remains with Mercedes-Benz, MBtech also works with a wide range of other automotive clients, including Porsche and BMW. The company will take the lead on overall vehicle development overseeing all components of the upcoming 4×4.

MBtech will begin work to take the initial design concepts through to a fully engineered vehicle and will be producing the first mule vehicles, followed by prototypes, later in 2018. It will be responsible for working up the exact specifications of the vehicle to ensure that it is a truly rugged, reliable and uncompromising 4×4.

Partnership was signed in the historic Grenadier pub in London 

The official partnership agreement was signed between INEOS Automotive CEO Dirk Heilmann and MBtech representatives in the historic Grenadier pub in Belgravia, the birthplace of the Projekt Grenadier concept.

The partnership represents a major step forward for Projekt Grenadier, as automotive experts and engineers officially begin work on design and build to a tight project timeline.

Alexander Quint, head of Engineering at INEOS Automotive, said: “This agreement represents a great end to many months’ work securing the perfect partner for Projekt Grenadier’s development.

“We are working to create a very special car and it was essential for us to find the right partner. I believe MBtech’s reputation for quality, reliability and craftsmanship, alongside their long and proud history, make them the right choice. We have a supreme level of confidence in their engineering skills and know we have made the right decision.”


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