UK manufacturers achieve new revenue through manufacturing service business models

Posted on 28 Jun 2017 by Tim Brown

A recent survey has shown UK manufacturers are increasingly moving their businesses from being purely product centric to incorporating new service offerings to deliver business growth and new revenue streams.

Escalator and elevator manufacturer, Kone, has moved to sertivization business model - image courtesy of Kone
Escalator and elevator manufacturer, KONE, has moved to sertivization business model – image courtesy of KONE. Simon Green, Director of Digital Platform, Processes and IT at KONE will be discussing servitization during a webinar on 5th July at 11am. Click here to Register.

A clear majority (72%) of British companies surveyed reported being committed to the implementation of manufacturing service business models, with 41% having already done so.

Over 70% of these ‘first movers’ reported achieving benefits from the new business models, which is encouraging the next wave of ‘fast followers’. Close to 77% of UK manufacturers yet to embark on servitization expect to be benefiting from it by the end of 2018.

According to the report, the availability of new tools to support growing product complexity, are encouraging manufacturers to embrace ‘servitization’ in order to deliver greater customer value and achieve higher margins through recurring revenue streams.

Why ‘Servitization’?

Servitization is a transformational and competitively disruptive business model for manufacturers – moving from a focus on products, production and transaction business, to one a more service-centric model.

It requires manufacturers to find new ways to connect their business, predict service and have the insight to respond to customer needs. By shifting to a more valuable and richer service-centric model, manufacturers can grow, create new revenue streams, increase margins and mitigate risks.

Want to know more?

Servitization report 2017 front cover
All registrants for the 5th July Webinar will receive a free copy of the 2017 Servization Report. Click here to register

On the 5th of July at 11am, The Manufacturer will be holding a webinar that will take an in depth look at the findings of the Servitization Report – the enablers, barriers and the transformational journey.

The webinar promises to provide a detailed look at Servitization and will also feature insight from Simon Green, Director of Digital Platform, Processes and IT at KONE. Simon will share his transformation story of how KONE, a leading manufacturer of elevators and escalators, has driven growth by turning itself from a product business into a connected and intelligent services business.

“Customer expectations have changed,” Simon Green, KONE’s director of digital platform, processes and IT, told the audience at Salesforce World Tour 2017 in London last week. “The elevator is no longer the product. Today, people buy the experience. For us, that’s an opportunity.”

In addition to this exclusive insight, everyone that registers for the webinar will also receive a free copy of the upcoming report.

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