Understanding the importance of Business Intelligence

Posted on 5 Oct 2015 by The Manufacturer

Have you considered your Business Intelligence strategy, because in today's globally competitive market, you don't want to be left running to catch up?

You can’t seem to move these days without hearing about advanced analytics, big data, the Internet of Things, visualisations, industry 4.0, the list goes on.

Some may have a vague understanding of what these terms mean, some will have already started implementing them into their operation.

Connect BI

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14 June, 2016: London venue: TBC

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Depending on how advanced you are or want to be, BI has advanced from data collection to business intelligence, to business insight to business optimisation, and now towards enabling companies to become data driven organisations.

In some form or another, Business Intelligence (encompassing all of the above terms and more) has always been around for decades, so the real question is not what it Business Intelligence (BI), but what is it evolving in to and what that impact has on a business.

Early adopters are already being creative and strategic in their use of data for better decision making.

With the amount of data being generated set t to increase exponentially over the coming months – thanks in part to the Internet of Things (or the Industrial Internet of Things), now is the time to outline your BI strategy and ensure your employees are on board before you are running to catch up.

No matter what sector or department you are involved with, analytics will infiltrate your working life in some way.  If you want to stay ahead of the curve you cannot afford to be the last to the party.

In the face of a fundamental data skills gap that will have to be filled sooner rather than later, use Connect BI to create data-driven mind sets and then share that knowledge across your business.

Connect BI: one conference, two focuses

Understand the scope of BI and receive help to purchase a BI software solution

Chaired by data advocate and named in The Manufacturer Top 100 2015, Colin Spencer Halsey, the conference sessions focus on the evolution of BI and maximising the capability of BI strategies, including:

  • Early adopter case studies of Business Intelligence in action
  • The future of Business Intelligence
  • Predictive analytics
  • BI cultural change – benefits of becoming a data driven organisation

One-to-one Connections

Connect BI provides three hours of sessions and personal meetings with vendors to help you shortlist and evaluate the current crop of business intelligence tools, ensuring you:

  • Choose the right system to match your BI vision.
  • Make the C-level business case
  • Recognise business intelligence on a budget
  • Understand centralised versus decentralised approaches