Vince Cable tells apprentices to “Get in and Go Far”

Posted on 21 Aug 2014 by Victoria Fitzgerald

Vince Cable travelled up and down the UK yesterday to promote ‘Get in, Go Far’ a new Government campaign to support apprenticeships.

The launch coincides with the introduction of 40 new employer-designed apprenticeships in sectors including aerospace and automotive, as part of the third phase of Government’s trailblazer initiative.

The scheme aims to provide young people with the opportunity to earn while they learn during apprenticeships.

The target is to ensure every apprentice is enrolled in a programme designed and approved by employers by 2016/17.

Over 200 employers and training providers were involved in the third phase of the apprenticeship trailblazer project, first launched in October 2013.

The ‘Get In, Go Far’ campaign is complimented by multi-media advertising, including ‘selfies’ in their place of work, posters, television appearances, print media and personal accounts from apprentices working in a variety of fields.

The Business Secretary attended the ITV studios in Leeds to support the launch, he said: “For too long there has been a divide between university and vocational education which has been damaging for both employers and young people.

“Placing university degrees and apprenticeships on an equal footing will help to break down barriers and better meet the needs of business.”

Skills Minister Nick Boles has been visiting apprentices to see for himself the impact the scheme is having on young people. He took pictures with the apprentices at Google, which are set to be pinned to an interactive ‘work-selfie’ Pinterest map, plotting the many apprenticeship opportunities across the country.

He said: “As another group of young people achieve their GCSE and A Level results, there has never been a better time to consider an apprenticeship.

“Through an apprenticeship young people can achieve a degree and work at some of the biggest companies in the country.

“The new campaign features some great success stories which show exactly how far an apprenticeship can take you.

“I would recommend any young person that isn’t sure what to do next, to look at some of the new and exciting apprenticeship opportunities available to them.”

Tim Thomas, head of employment and skills policy at EEF, said: “With two-thirds of manufacturers planning to recruit an engineering apprentice in the next 12 months, starting salaries well above average, accelerated career progression and in many cases a job for life, manufacturers are shouting from the rooftops to attract young people into their industry.

“We know from our own experience of training apprentices at EEF’s training centre just how far these talented young people go in the world of work.

“We wholeheartedly support the launch of today’s campaign and would say to any young person receiving their results tomorrow and contemplating their next step – with an apprenticeship it really is a case of ‘Get In, Go Far’.”