Who’s going to be in the Innovation Alley at Smart Factory Expo 2018?

Posted on 29 Aug 2018 by The Manufacturer

Meet some of the companies who have already signed up to exhibit at the UK industry's leading event - Smart Factory Expo.

BBC Breakfast is planning to broadcast live from Smart Factory Expo.
Smart Factory Expo 2017 show floor – image courtesy of The Manufacturer.

The Manufacturer’s Smart Factory Expo is Europe’s biggest showcase for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) – a revolution in manufacturing agility, innovation and thinking.

This year, 6,000 attendees from manufacturing, technology and finance will visit more than 250 exhibitors and choose from over 200 free-to-attend presentation sessions.

The event, in partnership with government, world-class industry professionals and expert solution providers, provides attendees and exhibitors with a platform to discuss, collaborate and grow in the age of industrial digitisation.

It takes place in Liverpool on 14 – 15 November and forms a core part of Digital Manufacturing Week.

KTN and Innovate UK family have joined up with The Manufacturer to support this year’s Smart Factory Expo and we already have some interesting companies joining us at the event.

OAL is a leading foodtech supplier helping food manufacturers automate. Their vision is that unmanned kitchens are the future of food production. Their robotics and automation led systems change the way food is manufactured delivering new levels of flexibility, efficiency and quality to food processing.

On show at Smart Factory Expo will be their innovative APRIL Ingredient Handling system which is a robot that weighs out ingredients to an accuracy of +/- 1g, automating the person with a scoop. Recent research has identified that ingredient handling labour costs can be up to 5% of turnover, so this new innovation can significantly reduce a food manufacturing plant’s overheads.

Innovation Alley at Smart Factory Expo 2017 - image courtesy of The Manufacturer.
Innovation Alley at Smart Factory Expo 2017 – image courtesy of The Manufacturer.

Jake Norman, Head of Innovation at OAL said: “We would like to meet open-minded food manufacturers and food manufacturing professionals at Smart Factory Expo who are investigating how to introduce new technologies to improve their preparation and processing systems in their factories to make an unbeatable end-product.

“Our innovative products make us stand out in the area of foodtech and we want to find manufacturers who have the same drive and passion as we do.”

Data gathering and analytics is a big contributor to changing the traditional manufacturing process and OCF Data apply their data analytics services to discrete and process manufacturing workflows, in order to improve up-time, throughputs and yields.

OCF Data will demonstrate their analytical manufacturing dashboards at the Expo that provide specific insights to production management in order that they can act and deliver the highest possible operational expected efficiencies. Using SPC methods for a number of condition monitoring capabilities and machine learning to identify ‘signatures’ indicates likely component failure in a predictive maintenance environment.

Cliff Brereton said: “Being part of Smart Factory Expo will enable us to showcase our range of data analytical services and harvest feed-back from manufacturers that we can include in upcoming service developments. We very much ‘talk’ the manufacturing language and believe that too often technology providers use Industry 4.0 jargon and fail to explain the commercial benefits to clients. We will show them in ‘manufacturing terms’ how they can make improvements in throughput and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) with data & analytics services.”

There are still slots available in Innovation Alley!

If you are a start-up or established players who would like to showcase your innovative solutions to manufacturers which could include advanced technology, materials, process and systems, register your interest now.