Zero to hero for electric motorcyle maker Zero Motorcycles

Posted on 17 Jun 2015 by Aiden Burgess

Zero Motorcycles has shown just why it is the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry after a number of big moves by the US company.

Zero Motorcycles announced last month that it would be entering the Italian market, its first step in selling its electric motorcycles to what cites as Europe’s largest market for motorcycles over 50cc.

Zero Motorcycles CEO, Richard Walker, highlighted that the move into Italy was continuing the expansion of the brand in Europe.

“This is a vital step forward in our plans to expand global availability of Zero Motorcycles and an extension of our popularity throughout Europe,” he said.

The Zero brand is particularly strong in Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and The Netherlands, and we are seeing strong demand in Italy.”

Zero Motorcycles appointed its first dealer in the heart of Milan, and will now aim to strategically expand its Italian network.

In the US, Zero has also been selling its electric motorcycles to police departments.

The Burbank Police Department purchased police motorcycles from Zero in November to add to the department’s patrol fleet.

The Zero SP , Zero DSP and Zero FXP models were developed to meet the specific requirements of law enforcement agencies, such as a cost effective means to patrol wide variety of terrain and excel in areas with noise and pollution limitations.

In addition to the Burbank Police Department, Zero have also worked with over 30 local and international law enforcement, security and military  agencies to add electrical motorcycles to their fleets.

Not only has Zero been incorporating its bikes into police fleets, but the company has also recently lowered its prices by $1,350 across its 2015 line. This decision came after seeing its battery costs fall and energy density increase faster than anticipated.

Since most distribution partners throughout the world buy Zero motorcycles based on the US MSRP, Zero will be able to pass on the benefit of the reduced prices to consumers in their current levels.

Meanwhile in Europe, these cost reductions will allow the company to absorb the currency impact of the weakened Euro without raising prices from their current levels.

Battery bikes electrify TT

Although Zero Motorcycles were not present at last week’s Isle of Man TT, electric motorcycles have certainly won over critics to become a mainstay at the annual event.

Team Mugen rider John McGuinness set a new lap record for electric bikes at the last week’s Isle of Man TT Zero to claim his 22nd TT win.

The Morecambe racer completed the one-lap sprint of the 37-mile (60km) course at an average speed of 119.279 mph.

The 43-year-old said: “It is nice to get in the winners enclosure for my 22nd win. I am over the moon.”

Bruce Anstey made it a one-two for Team Mugen, finishing 4.02 seconds down on team-mate McGuinness.

McGuinness then followed up his TT Zero win to dominate the senior race. He took victory in the Friday event and also set a new absolute course record of 132.701mph in the process and a time of 01:09:23.903.