Overcoming the top four barriers to business growth

Overcoming the top four barriers to business growth - Epicor Report

When it comes to business growth, there are a lot of things that can get in the way. In order to thrive in today’s competitive environment, an organisation needs to be agile and innovative, operate efficiently and make better decisions than its competitors.

There are four key barriers that g…

The Factory of the Future

The growth of disruptive technologies and the emergence of megatrends is having a huge impact on shaping the world of manufacturing.

Software, consumer expectations and technological capabilities are all factors that are changing what it means to be a manufacturer in the 21st century.

Not only d…

Seven manufacturers reveal the secrets of their success

Success stories from companies that are ready to grow - EPICOR

The goal of any business that has managed to flap its wings and make it off the ground is to make sure that it has consistent, profitable growth. However that’s often easier said than done.

The finest of margins can determine whether or not your organisation achieves growth or not. Factors tha…

How can you become one of the Grow Getters?

Discover the 10 characteristics that set the Grow Getters apart from their competitors

Strategic planning, a focus on external opportunities, a customer-centric outlook, and the ability to deal with constant change.

These are the four key traits of high-growth companies, those which are powered by people with the vision and drive to take their business to the next level.

We call the…

The Road to Customer Intimacy Through a Service – Centred Approach

The Road to Customer Intimacy Through a Service – Centred Approach FC

In times of uncertainty and squeezed margins, servitization offers a means to regulate ‘peak and trough’ revenue streams, fostering more predictable and secure cash flows.

A study by Aston Business School’s Advanced Services Group, a world-leading centre of excellence in research and practic…

Annual Manufacturing Report 2017

Annual Manufacturing Report 2017 - Front Cover

You can download the full report here.

You can order a print copy of the report for £195 here.

The Annual Manufacturing Report 2017 (AMR), published by Hennik Research, reflects a surprisingly resilient mood among UK manufacturers; surprising that is to those who haven’t been paying attention. Wh…

Close Relations: TM Servitization Report

Servitization: variously defined, it essentially embraces the selling of services by manufacturers, as well as products.

At its simplest, those services can be simple aftersales maintenance and repair offerings, for instance. But increasingly, manufacturers – and especially manufac…

The Manufacturer Industry 4.0 UK Readiness Report

The Manufacturer & Oracle - Industry 4.0 UK Readiness Report

Revolutions, it’s said, share a common characteristic. Seemingly impossible at the beginning, they appear inevitable after the event.

So too with Industry 4.0, dubbed ‘the fourth industrial revolution’.

To a manufacturer viewing the world through the lens of a decade or so back, the transforma…

Is your factory connected?

Is your factory connected - Cisco Profinet cover
A fully Connected Factory can help a manufacturing business achieve greater plant utilisation and deliver a more resilient network of plant floor industrial automation equipment eg. robots, sensors, actuators, and drives.

See how it provides new, flexible plant-wide connectivity between machines, workflows, databases, processes, and people.

Streamline factory operations with ease

Build a Cisco Connected Factory, deploying PROFINET products in a scalable, validated architecture.

From lower automation integration costs, to greater operational awareness, to an overall reduction of risk; see how PROFINET provides a more secure end-to-end factory with improved performance.