Is your factory connected?

Is your factory connected - Cisco Profinet cover
A fully Connected Factory can help a manufacturing business achieve greater plant utilisation and deliver a more resilient network of plant floor industrial automation equipment eg. robots, sensors, actuators, and drives.

See how it provides new, flexible plant-wide connectivity between machines, workflows, databases, processes, and people.

Streamline factory operations with ease

Build a Cisco Connected Factory, deploying PROFINET products in a scalable, validated architecture.

From lower automation integration costs, to greater operational awareness, to an overall reduction of risk; see how PROFINET provides a more secure end-to-end factory with improved performance.

Brands & retailers: maximising your e-commerce relationship

Brands and retailers: what’s your current relationship status?

As a branded manufacturer, do you sometimes feel like you’re adrift in the rising tide of e-commerce — unsure of which direction to turn?

Retailers have adapted to e-commerce at this point, and most sell their products online.

But for brands, it’s different. Each brand has unique needs and ci…

Get a Bigger Piece of the Pie – Better Pricing in the Food Industry

It’s a fact of life when it comes to business today you need to be prepared for continued pressure from your customers demanding lower prices. Now, it’s critical to understand each customer’s profitability and know where you can lower prices – not margins.

Growing sales and margins throug…

IoT Global Trend Study 2015 — A Manufacturing Industry Perspective

IoT TCS Global Trend study cover

The Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a critical business accelerator, enabling rapid transformation of operations and functions.

This whitepaper by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) provides incisive insights on the impact of IoT on the manufacturing industry.

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The Manufacturer Opus 2015

The UK manufacturing sector is diverse, innovative and vibrant yet it is still seen as a dark and dreary industry. Published by Hennik Research, The Opus showcases the best of the best in manufacturing and the incredible work they have been doing throughout the year.

Produced as an attractive “co…

Where Next for Company Cars – Free report

The Lex Autolease Report on company motoring shows the market for cars in the UK is in good health. New car sales are now higher than before the recession and many Fleet Managers are reporting that their fleets are growing strongly. But while the market is strong, there are important changes taking place in the sector.

How Poor Price Management and Strategy Lead to Lost Revenue and Margins

Most companies take a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing and price management: Set a single price for everyone and plan to discount that price based on sales needs. But this approach tends to result in excessive discounting that erodes your profit margins.

In this eBook, learn:

  • How poor pricin

Value Selling White Paper – FREE

B2B buyers spend more time researching purchases and wait longer than they did the year before to contact a salesperson. Therefore, to help the educated customer, many businesses in the manufacturing industry have turned to different sales techniques, including value selling. Find out more about value selling in this free whitepaper.