Cyber security and your systems

Does your company have information, recipes, designs and manufacturing techniques in different locations or countries? The chances are that the more spread your operations, the more cyber risk you face. Rockwell Automation explains.

An integrated approach to robotics and automation

To create a successful robotic cell, all key components including vision, motion and logic, should reside on one integrated platform, such as Omron's Sysmac platform.
Posted on 14 Mar 2014 by Tim Brown

With a growing background debate concerning growth in our manufacturing sector, and the wider topic of whether the UK adopts automation and robotics in line with our global competitors, it seems a good time to address some of the issues that might be making machine builders nervous about using robotics.

Automation: Fascinating foodies

Stäubli Robotics was an early entrant into the market supplying robots to the food industry and its range of SCARA and six-axis kinematics is now popular for a wide range of food manufacturing applications. Here’s why.