IT in manufacturing: Supply chain management

The recent horsemeat scandal shone a light into some murky supply chains and raised stark questions over the ethics and commercial risks of making cost king of sourcing strategies. But from an IT perspective, what lessons can manufacturers learn from the debacle? Malcolm Wheatley finds out.

Product lifecycle management: Suretank’s sure bet

Posted on 11 Mar 2013 by

Don’t accept traditional options for solving quality control issues in a growing company says David Keeley, engineering manager at container manufacturer Suretank. You may find changing the way you look at cost centres will present more effective solutions.

CIO: An improver or transformer?

Posted on 25 Feb 2013 by Tim Brown

New research aims to examine how, on the journey out of the server room to the boardroom, there has emerged two types of technology leaders­: those that continue to improve the business, processes and infrastructure, and those that transform and inspire new ways of doing business through technology.