Considerable contract for Cambridge company

Posted on 29 Sep 2016 by Fred Tongue

A Cambridge-based equipment manufacturer has signed an exclusive 10 year contract with a Chinese company.

Metalcraft, a company that specialises in producing equipment for hazardous environments, has signed a ten year deal with Wuhan Zhongke Niujin Magnetic Resonance Technology Co.

The deal with the Chinese company is believed to be worth £9m over the course of ten years.

Metalcraft will produce high integrity cryostat components for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) systems as part of their contract agreement.

NMR spectroscopy works along with other analytical and structural techniques like X-ray, mass spectrometry and crystallography and be used with MRI technologies to create multidimensional images and spatially resolved information.

The manufacturing of the components will take place at Metalcraft’s facility in Chatteris, UK to begin with, and will later transition to the company’s Chinese facility in Chengdu.

Metalcraft is part of Avingtrans’ energy and medical division and Austen Adams, magaging director of the division said: “With the development of our Chinese manufacturing facility devoted solely to our volume customers’ products, we are able to offer our customers a truly global capability to satisfy the logistical and commercial demands.

“We will work closely with our customer to develop a fully value-engineered solution for the components for their NMR systems, ensuring all procedures and processes are firmly established, before transitioning the work to our Chinese site, which will not only bring additional cost efficiency but also bring the manufacturing closer to end customer locations.”