EPSRC announces new £10m hub to explore Internet of Things

Posted on 2 Jun 2015 by Jonny Williamson

A competition to develop a new £10m Research Hub, that will explore the interdisciplinary challenges around security, privacy and trust in the Internet of Things (IoT), was opened today.

The hub will combine a small number of leading universities, with the research focusing on the challenges associated with privacy, security and trust in the IoT, including the various interactions, policy and governance, beliefs and behaviours between people and the IoT systems.

Led by the RCUK Digital Economy Theme, through the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), in conjunction with ESRC and AHRC, the funding is part of an integrated £40 million, three year programme, laid out by Government to maximise capabilities and opportunities that will help the UK become a leader in the IoT.

The programme is a collaboration between the Digital Economy Unit (in DCMS); InnovateUK; the Digital Catapult; the Future Cities Catapult, and EPSRC. Stretching from the research base towards feasibility and market, it will build on UK strengths in technology, security and design and accelerate the UK lead in the IoT.

Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Mark Walport commented: “The Internet of Things has the potential to boost productivity, make transport more efficient, reduce our energy consumption and to make us healthier.

“The Research Hub will help to catalyse the technologies and address the challenges associated with the Internet of Things to make the UK a world leader. I would encourage universities to make the most of this opportunity.”

Professor Philip Nelson, chief executive, EPSRC
Professor Philip Nelson, chief executive, EPSRC

Professor Philip Nelson, EPSRC’s chief executive said: “Our lives are becoming ever-more interconnected with digital devices and the internet. The potential benefits are wide, an exchange of information in an emergency could save time and lives.

“However, it is also clear that people have concerns about how their data is handled and kept secure so the Internet of Things Hub will address these challenges. Successful economies are economies that invest in science; this is an investment in the science of the future and will help deliver a successful and secure UK.”

Manufacturing Services Thought Leaderships Network:

MSTLN LinkThe goal of the Manufacturing Services Thought Leaderships Network (MSTLN) is to raise awareness, within UK manufacturing, that ensuring long term success requires companies to increasingly focus on creating value in the customers’ business rather than exclusively in the production facility or R&D lab.

Its main objective is to encourage UK manufacturers to perceive services (servitization) as an integral component of their growth strategy. This in turn enables them to become more competitive and provide customers with bespoke solutions.