Executive workshop on costing a Mexico operation

Posted on 9 Sep 2019 by The Manufacturer

Manufacturing in Mexico is becoming more prominent than ever. Would you like to learn how simple it can be to launch, operate and thrive in this region? From compliance to workforce, Tetakawi can support your company in its manufacturing goals.

Tetakawi, one of the leading providers of offshoring services in Mexico, is hosting an executive workshop on Costing a Mexico Operation in partnership with the Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE&IT).

The registration-only event will take place at The Swan, at Shakespeare’s Globe in central London on November 22, 2019.

For registration, visit: https://tetakawi.com/resources/workshops/london/

The quickest, most cost-effective & risk-averse way to manufacture in Mexico

The event will help those that are considering setting up manufacturing in Mexico.

Fully understanding and controlling all of the costs is key to long-term success in any offshoring operation.

- image courtesy of Tetakawi.
– image courtesy of Tetakawi.

Experts from Tetakawi and IOE&IT will provide attendees with the information, insights and data they need to expand into Mexico or to improve the success of current operations.

Topics to be covered by Lesley Batchelor OBE, Director General of the IOE&IT and Tetakawi’s experts include:

  • Why UK manufacturers should consider expanding into Mexico
  • The risks and opportunities of an offshore operation in Mexico
  • Proven and effective entrance strategies
  • Mexico cost factors and cost estimation tools and techniques

“Mexico occupies a strategic global position, being the natural bridge between Latin America to the south, and the US and Canada to the north. According to Goldman Sachs, Mexico could be the fifth largest trading nation in the world by 2050.

“This, combined with Mexico’s highly attractive cost structures, the scale of its domestic market and its proximity to other significant global economies in the region, make Mexico a key growth market for British businesses”, says Lesley Batchelor.

“A serious and reliable cost calculation is key to take informed decisions on whether expanding into Mexico would be cost-effective and profitable. This is of upmost importance as it is quite difficult to get reliable data on operational costs.

- image courtesy of Tetakawi.
– image courtesy of Tetakawi.

“As Mexico is the premier entry point to the US market, the event will also cover relevant geopolitical factors that will impact any offshoring operation”, explains David McQueen, Director of Consulting Services at Tetakawi.

Manufacturing industries of interest

Mexico’s automotive industry is strong and integrated tightly into the North American supply chain. While the passage of USMCA initially drew concern, it’s since pushed many investors into Mexico.

Global automotive suppliers concerned about having enough North American content under USMCA’s new rules are moving operations to Mexico to prepare for the new requirements.

The aerospace industry supports approximately 300 manufacturing companies and accounts for nearly half of the country’s foreign direct investment.

As the industry pushes the envelope on developing more advanced aircraft, leading local manufacturers such as Bombardier, Airbus and Aernnova continue to demand machinery solutions that can support new frontiers in production.

Medical device manufacturing is another evolving industry that has taken hold in Mexico. In 2018 alone, nearly 650 supporting companies exported over US$9bn in medical devices.

- image courtesy of Tetakawi.
– image courtesy of Tetakawi.

The healthcare field itself is in the midst of a transformation that is driving innovation around more connected, personalised and smarter technologies that can support a coming swell in demand.

This fast-evolving market needs a supply chain that is likewise highly adaptable — and closely situated.

The electronics manufacturing market in Mexico also remains hot. The industry has grown up in support of the three industries mentioned above and taken on a larger life.

And with the tariffs on China putting new pressure on electronics manufacturers, many are eyeing investments in Mexico as a strong alternative.

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