How to get your first break in energy procurement

Posted on 30 Oct 2015 by The Manufacturer

With all organisations needing to procure energy, energyTEAM's head of corporate sales and accounts, Nick Linklater explains how to get your first break in energy procurement.

When it comes to getting started at energy procurement, it can be hard to know where to begin; the energy market can be a confusing place.

Nick Linklater, head of corporate sales accounts,  energyTEAM.
Nick Linklater, head of corporate sales accounts, energyTEAM.

With different types of contracts available, unclear pricing structures and uncertainty about when to buy, it’s easy to feel lost.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With a good understanding of the energy market and the contract options available to your organisation, you could secure significant savings on your electricity and gas contracts.

In our free 30 minute webinar, you’ll be given an overview of the tools and information that you need to get to grips with the modern energy market, as well as practical guidance for working with an energy broker.

Join the webinar on Thursday 5th November 2015, 3pm GMT

The webinar will feature Hazel Cole, a specialist in guiding new entrants through the energy procurement minefield.

Cole will be guide you through:

  • An introduction to the energy market
  • An overview of how business energy prces are devised
  • A summary of different types of energy contracts available
  • Top tips for selecting an energy broker

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