The importance of organising an effective brainstorming session

Posted on 15 Mar 2018 by The Manufacturer

No company was built by one person. You need a team of talented and diverse thinkers in order to create a successful business.

If you don’t utilise them and consider your word doctrine, then you are similarly not using the resources available to you, putting your company’s potential at risk. To avoid such issues, you need to make sure you take on the opinions of everyone in your company; all employees are valid, and what they to say could take your business to complete new heights. For this to happen though, you, first of all, have to listen, and one great way to do this is by organising a thorough brainstorming session that’s welcoming to all ideas – big and small.

  1. Increase employee loyalty

No one wants to work for someone who does not value their opinion, and if you do not address their ideas and concerns, you run the risk of having disrespectful and unproductive employees that have spawned from resentment and unhappiness. You may be their employer and therefore their boss, but does that mean that their opinions are invalid? No. By listening to their opinions and ideas, you’re increasing employee morale and, therefore, employee loyalty. With a team of loyal employees, you’re paving the way for a future company where they’re respectful to you and will put their best foot forward and be more inclined to help. Value your employees’ opinions and increase your employees’ loyalty.

  1. Lead to better strategies

Knowing how to plan a winning brainstorming session is the first step to getting the ideas rolling. Brainstorming encourages debate, and as a result it allows you to see flaws in your initial strategies that can be rectified before you even begin. Brainstorming can pool together resources and knowledge, it could make the difference between knowing a key factor and missing it. Brainstorm, and you and your team will find the best path forward and come up with potential better strategies.

  1. Prevent confirmed bias

Having a room of like-minded individuals or “yes-men” is detrimental to the health of your company. When opening the table to discussions, you need to vocalise the importance of speaking their mind and voicing their true opinions. You do not run a business to feed your ego, so by sticking with the people who are confirmed to agree with everything you say, you’re opening up yourself to many disasters down the line. Through effective brainstorming where nothing is off the table, you’ll be able to whittle out the bad ideas from the good.

  1. It improves your employees

Brainstorming isn’t just beneficial to you; each and every employee can learn from one another through an effective brainstorming session. For instance, if someone believes they have a great idea, if someone else was to point out the flaws, they can then work on improving their original concept, bettering their problem-solving skills. Open discussion develops idea, opinions and even morale; your employees will be more open to learning new skills, and if they know their opinions are heard, they’re more inclined to think of ideas for the next meeting. You can’t run a successful business with a team of unproductive and unhappy employees.

Brainstorming is a key aspect of every successful company culture. The more you all challenge each other to be better, the better you will become. As an employer, it is up to you to implement such practices. Start small, with an introductory brainstorming sessions, and continue to grow. Understand the importance of listening, developing fully-formed ideas, and you’ll see your business and the employees within it thrive.