LogMeIn to the Rescue for Zero Motorcycles

Posted on 11 Jan 2017 by The Manufacturer

LogMeIn Rescue has helped Zero Motorcycles overcome the challenge of growing a revolutionary new market by allowing Zero to provide unrivaled customer support, from the comfort of its own site,

The Challenge for Zero Motorcycles

Check out the infographic to see how LogMeIn Rescue can help you focus on the customer to cut costs and improve the experience of your customers - image courtesy of LogMeIn
Click the image above to download the infographic and see how LogMeIn Rescue and Rescue Lens can help you focus on the customer to cut costs and improve the experience of your customers – image courtesy of LogMeIn.

Zero Motorcycles — the only electric vehicle company producing fully-electric motorcycles in any quantity, with more than 125 dealers worldwide — is leading the pack. There’s one roadblock to acceptance that was providing a significant challenge: a lack of dealership technicians who are familiar with electric cycles. These technicians were expert mechanics, with full knowledge of the inner-workings of gas engines.

But most had never gotten their hands on an electric vehicle. As a result, Zero Motorcycles support technicians, after trying to talk someone on the other end of the line through a repair, often had to hit the road for an onsite visit.

This was proving costly for Zero in terms of both travel expenses and lost productivity.

The Solution

In choosing a remote support solution to meet this challenge, Zero Motorcycles looked no further than LogMeIn Rescue, which proved its value at the outset of a free trial period. Zero Motorcycles selected Rescue because of its reliability and ease of connection.

Features that Zero support techs take greatest advantage of include screen sharing, reboot, and the ability to have first-level support invite a higher level technician join the call.

Recently, Zero also began using Rescue Lens, an included feature of Rescue which lets their technicians see exactly what the dealer techs are seeing, via the dealer techs’ smartphone cameras. Within days of deploying Rescue Lens, Zero support technicians were using it to help their dealer techs resolve mechanical problems.

The Results

With Rescue and Rescue Lens, Zero Motorcycles is:

  • Able to save tens of thousands of dollars in annual travel costs (and lost productivity) by no longer needing to send its expert technicians to make on-site repairs throughout the world.
  • Better able to train and support mechanics in its dealerships, most of whom are experts in gas-powered motorcycles but are unfamiliar with electric cycles.
  • Reducing the average time spent on a support call, which improves both customer and dealer satisfaction.
  • Able to assist resolution of mechanical problems by using Rescue Lens to actually see what the dealer techs are seeing, even circling items or pointing at parts when needed.

LogMeIn Rescue, now with Rescue Lens, has helped Zero Motorcycles scale operations and achieve a higher level of global success in a market that’s poised to take off.

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