The Manufacturer’s Recovery Toolkit – Your ultimate guide to surviving during COVID-19

Posted on 24 Apr 2020 by Bethany Davage

UK manufacturing is entering a period of profound uncertainty that poses challenges for all businesses: how to overcome the disruption of COVID-19.

We’ve put together The Manufacturer’s Recovery Toolkit, covering a wide range of industry-focused topics, ensuring you are prepared for all potential obstacles your business may need to overcome.

Click each webinar below to register or watch on-demand the topics relevant to you, to enable you to be prepared for anything:

Watch on-demand: Your people in a time of crisis

How do employers manage the physical, emotional and financial dislocation that Covid-19 is creating in their workforce?

This webinar from The Manufacturer seeks to offer guidance and solutions.

Watch on-demand: Liquidity & Finance

60% of all companies that run out of business report that their failure was due to a lack of liquidity.

In the face of business uncertainty, manufacturers have sharpened their focus on optimising cash flow and liquidity – reducing outgoings, and converting your inventory to sales.

10 June: De-Risking your Supply Chain

You can only manage what you can see; therefore the first step to mitigating supply chain ‘whiplash’ from the impact of Covid-19 to have visibility of your complete end-to-end supply chain.

This will enable you to understand and activate alternative sources of supply, even as you prepare for plant closures and review alternative outbound logistics options.

12 June: Lean Operations & Cost Reduction

How are manufacturers identifying opportunities for cost-avoidance in the face of extreme business uncertainty, what tools can help calculate cost-savings, and what impact will this have on Lean Manufacturing and Operational Excellence?

Every manufacturer who survives this crisis wants to come out it with a roar, but how is that possible when supply chains are in tatters and both customers and suppliers are struggling to calibrate their own businesses?

Understanding the fundamentals of Demand Forecasting will give you an edge, reducing the risk of getting your own supply resourcing dangerously wrong.

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