How did manufacturers utilise ‘big data’ in 2018?

Posted on 22 Dec 2018 by Maddy White

Growing numbers of manufacturing companies are successfully extracting, analysing, visualising their 'big data’ to generate tangible, business-enhancing insights. Read our top data stories to find out how.

1) Three vital steps to analysing big data

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Utilising big data involves numerous steps.

Analysing big data involves numerous steps, from gathering and storing, to data mining, mapping, visualisations and monitoring. The result? An enhanced production, transparency in operations and a tidier business model.

2) Data is redefining the water industry and manufacturers should take note

The real-time visibility provided by digitalisation is helping the water industry to achieve what every manufacturer strives for, namely: increased uptime, greater asset performance and maximum efficiencies.

3) Advanced analytics: the key to understanding your data

The importance of data to the manufacturing industry is well-documented and universally understood. But how do you unlock the value wrapped up in it? The answer is advanced analytics.

4) You won’t realise the full value of your data without first changing your mindset

The application of advanced analytics around your production, maintenance and supply chain could deliver annual business growth of between 4% – 10%; but achieving that means getting the basics right first.

5) Industrial Data Summit 2018: How do you gain insight at scale?

Executives gathered to discuss how best to take advantage of and leverage the power of digital technology at Industrial Data Summit.
Executives gathered at the Industrial Data Summit.

Almost 100 executive decision-makers gathered to discuss how best to take advantage of and leverage the power of digital technology at Industrial Data Summit, which took place at Mary Ward House, London on 18 April.

6) The blockchain supply chain conundrum

The next big development in IT is blockchain, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, like everyone else, is developing ideas for how it will work in industry.

Industrial Data Summit 2019: Insight at Scale

Industrial Data Summit is the UK’s largest gathering of manufacturing data professionals.

100 data-minded executives from the UK’s largest automotive, aerospace, defence, electronics, pharma, food and electronics manufacturers, coming together to talk about the role of big data in their businesses.

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7) The tricky problem of data ownership

Data has become ever more important for businesses, yet the issue of who owns it has become equally more difficult to determine. The Manufacturer discusses.

8) Why do UK manufacturers waste so much of their data?

As a sector, manufacturing creates more data than any other; however, it also wastes the most too. Why is this and, more importantly, what needs to be done to readdress the balance?

9) Big benefits for a ‘big data’ driven workforce

Business man touching industry 4.0 icon in virtual interface screen showing data of smart factory. Business industry 4.0 concept - image courtesy of Adobe Stock.
There are big benefits when utilising data for the workforce- image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Utilising data in manufacturing is becoming an everyday norm, but what are the benefits and how can these propel the workforce forward?

10) £20m announced for UK electric vehicle data centre

£20m was announced earlier this year to create the UK Mobility Data Institute, a focused research centre to collect, process and analyse transport data generated from autonomous and electric vehicles.