Only 4 in 10 British companies have UK Procurement Targets – Made in Britain research

Posted on 16 May 2023 by The Manufacturer

Only 40% of UK businesses have a British procurement target in place – despite around half of the country's businesses (47%) and even more of the public (58%) saying they prefer to buy products that have been manufactured in the UK over alternatives imported from other countries, according to newly-released nationwide research Made in Britain, the organisation that unites close to 2,000 British manufacturers by their licensed use of the Made in Britain collective mark.

The fourth annual Buying British survey from Made in Britain also shows that for those companies that prefer to buy British products, the key drivers are supporting the economy on one hand and cost-savings for their businesses on the other. Two thirds (65%) say a driver of this preference is “to help the British economy and support British jobs” and half (50%) say “it’s more economical” for them to buy goods manufactured in the UK.

“Since the Made in Britain initiative launched 10 years ago, a key mission has been to advocate for higher British procurement targets in both the private and public sectors. Despite some progress in recent years, our new research shows that far too few businesses have implemented such targets. There’s great demand for British goods among businesses and consumers alike. But more companies need to step up – buying British is key to helping drive the UK economy out of the slump it’s in and avoid slipping into recession this year and next,” said Made in Britain CEO John Pearce.

Additional Survey findings:

Supply Chain Localisation

Over the past year, British companies have been shifting their supply chains to home shores in the face of international disruptions and delays. Made in Britain’s research indicates that almost half (43%) of UK businesses have experienced delays on goods from other countries during the 12 months to mid-January 2023. Of companies that have experienced shipping delays, a hefty majority (66%) say they started ordering more British goods as a result.

Most British consumers happy to pay premium for UK-made goods

Even amid a cost of living crisis in the UK, the majority of Brits (58%) prefer to buy UK-made goods over alternatives shipped in from other countries, Made in Britain’s research shows.

More than half of British consumers (54%) say they prefer to buy British products “regardless of cost” and the same number (54%) would like to buy more UK-made products than they currently do.

Of those that prefer to buy goods that are made in Britain, the most popular reasons given for their choice are the economy and trust; 64% of them say a key driver is “it’s important to help/support the UK economy and jobs” (64%), while half (50%) cite “trust in British products” as a factor in their preference.

Made in Britain – On the Mark

The survey also finds that two thirds of British businesses (66%) recognise the Made in Britain mark, with most of them (61%) saying that seeing the mark on a product makes them more inclined to purchase it. Half of British consumers (50%) also recognise the mark, with the majority of those that know it also saying that seeing it makes them keener to buy.

Almost two thirds (64%) of consumers think supermarkets and other big-chain retailers should offer more British made products. On top of that, amid confusion over labelling, over half of Brits (55%) think it would be very beneficial for UK-made products to display a known symbol signifying that they are truly made in Britain,

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