Reduce the IT burden and cost of PLM while maintaining security

Posted on 12 May 2017 by The Manufacturer

Today’s products are typically more complex than ever before. Innovative new designs must leverage a combination of mechanical, electrical, software, and connectivity.

These demands require companies to improve collaboration across more of the organization throughout the product’s lifecycle.

And when a product is smart and connected, the data generated throughout its lifecycle no longer ends once the product is shipped. New Internet of Things technologies enable companies to capture and leverage information about a product’s performance during operation – with the potential to dramatically improve existing and future products.

But finding a flexible, scalable, affordable and secure PLM option for managing the lifecycle of your products, either on-premise, or in the cloud, isn’t always easy.

The Manufacturer has partnered with PTC to bring you an insightful webinar about Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and will look at the new Flexible Deployment Options that now exist for PLM.

The webinar will take place Tueday, 4th July at 2pm BST. Click here to register now.


About PTC and it’s PLM platform, Windchill

Windchill 11 delivers new options make PLM deployments flexible:

  • Subscription pricing: To ensure predictable budgets as project needs change. Learn more.
  • Cloud deployments: Cloud-based deployments provides flexibility associated with licensing and scalability without significant capital investment and incremental resources to support it.
  • On-premise deployments: If companies have already invested in existing systems, or if organizations have other business considerations mandating the use of an on-premises solution deployed behind a company’s firewall, the on-premise deployment is the right approach.
  • Fully-hosted SaaS deployments: PTC’s PLM Cloud is the flexible, SaaS solution for small and medium product-development businesses looking to increase collaboration, manage product data and improve workflows without heavy IT overhead or hardware commitments. Learn more.

And with PTC Cloud Services, companies are guaranteed rapid deployment, secure hosting, and 24/7 application management, tuning, and updates with experienced application specialists. Rather than worrying about deployment, uptime, problem resolution, or updates, they can focus on the true business value of the applications themselves.