Scottish pub tycoon backs UK gun manufacturing

Defence cuts have been felt by many manufacturers supplying the sector. Photo courtesy of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)
The large investment by Scottish pub tycoon Kevin Doyle's Caledonian Heritage company will enable the expansion of a factory in Kent where military rifles will be made. Photo courtesy of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)

Scottish pub tycoon Kevin Doyle is reportedly backing a £750,000 investment in British gun manufacturing.

Doyle’s Caledonian Heritable company is funding the expansion of a defence ­factory in Kent to enable it to make military rifles, according to The Scotsman.

Caledonian Heritable holds a 23.1 per cent stake in Manroy, an Aim-listed defence contractor, which has supplied the Ministry of Defence for 26 years and which operates the Slade Green factory.

Under a loan agreement between the two companies revealed in a stock market ­filing, Doyle’s business is advancing £350,000 to Manroy as part of the £750,000 expansion move.

Glyn Bottomley, Manroy’s chief executive, told The Scotsman: “This increase in production capacity, and its associated funding, are expected to produce significantly increased profitability on this contract than previously because major components will now be manufactured in-house rather than being sourced externally.”

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