Top 100 nominations start rolling

Posted on 23 Jun 2014 by The Manufacturer

Early nominations have been filed for TM’s inaugural Top 100 report, a list of the most influential role models working in the UK manufacturing sector.

Among the first individuals to be nominated for recognition on the new list are Juergen Maier, recently named CEO of Siemens Plc; Lord Bamford, chairman of heavy equipment manufacturer JCB, Dr Hamid Mughal, director of manufacturing at Rolls-Royce and Dr David Landsman director of Tata Ltd, Britain’s biggest industrial employer and biggest source of foreign direct investment.

Alongside leaders at these industrial giants, Dr Graham Honeyman, CEO of Sheffield Foregemasters, has been put forward as a role model for organisational transformation and globalisation.

Other, less senior but none-the-less inspirational names nominated, include dedicated skills development leader Gareth Humphreys at MBDA. Mr Humphrey’s nomination praised his “unstinting” dedication to local schools engagement since he took on responsibility for MBDA’s apprenticeship programme 14 years ago.

His determination do ensure his school visits delivered 50% representation from both boys and girls has proven that a clear policy on equal representation on school visits can lead to a more gender balanced sector, pointed out the nomination. MBDA’s apprenticeship intake is now around 50% female every year and, furthermore, these apprentices are renowned for their award winning talent.

TM’s Top 100 project aims to provide a platform for recognition of industry role models. By publicising the commitment and enthusiasm of individuals, TM hopes to help raise the bar for competitive best practice across the UK industrial base and inspire young people with a zest for business and engineering to pursue careers in manufacturing.

A lack in manufacturing roles models has been identified in a number of recent publications including the Associate Parliamentary Manufacturing Group’s Making Good report, which investigated industrial culture and competitiveness in the UK manufacturing sector, and Professor John Perkins’ review of engineering skills.

The problem has also long been discussed at industry conferences and leadership forum and has been frequently reported by The Manufacturer magazine.

By publishing the its Top 100 list, which TM aims to promote in the trade and national press, TM hopes to provide visibility to existing role models in the sector and inspiration for the creation of more.

To reinforce any of the above nominations or to nominate another manufacturing role model for the Top 100 list 2014, send a maximum 200 word application to [email protected] describing your reasons for nominating the candidate.

Your nominations can recognise outstanding leadership, wealth creation, young achievers and commitment to competitive, sustainable business growth.

If you know someone who matches one of the descriptions below, let us know who they are.

  • An inspiring leader who has amassed personal wealth and created stable employment at a UK-based manufacturing firm
  • A person who has helped to reshape one or multiple markets by proving a new and competitive business model involving UK manufacturing
  • An individual who has helped to alter popular perceptions about manufacturing locally or nationally, inspiring young people, women and minority groups to take up careers in the sector
  • Someone who has influenced government to help make conditions better for manufacturing in the UK, dedicating themselves to the good of the sector while maintaining a competitive business
  • A leader who has remained committed to investing in the right things through hard times, developing the value of their manufacturing business through its people, processes and technology
  • Someone who has been bold in finding new markets and increasing revenue by venturing overseas
  • A young person who has made an impact disproportionate to their years, providing inspiration for the future of manufacturing in the UK

Individuals may nominate themselves.

Nominations close on August 20.