Leaning towards consultancy

When a company whispers the suggestion of a new lean project it doesn’t take long for business consultancies to descend with promises of transformation. Jane Gray finds out from lean consultancy providers and clients about what consultants need to consider before prescribing the right medicine and what manufacturers need to do to get the most out of their investment.

Leading the way

The cream of Britain’s manufacturing crop have cause to celebrate after the announcement of the finalists of the prestigious Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ (IMechE) Manufacturing Excellence Awards (MX) 2010. Tim Brown introduces some of those lucky enough to be in the running for MX recognition.

Yet more IT acronyms? CMMS and OEE explained

The computer industry loves to use acronyms. The reason is undoubtedly the element of mystery they provide. It is also the inherent – though as yet psychologically unexplored – desire of tech-heads to differentiate between themselves and their colleagues in other departments.

Tucking in to food and drink manufacture

In late April, among the chiffon draperies of the Lowry Hotel, Manchester, TM met with food and drink manufacturers from across the UK. Jane Gray discovered that the industry has experienced a marked improvement over the last 18 months despite the development of new and complicated market challenges.

Man versus machine

Edward Machin investigates automation in manufacturing, one of the industry’s rising stars given its potential to increase machine time, flexibility and reduce waste material. Just don’t mention the whole unemployment thing…

Can you smell teen spirit?

The negative perception of manufacturing within important demographics like young people has become something of a cliché. Most people agree that, as a sector, its image needs modernising. But, as Jane Gray finds out, young people are beginning to get a better impression.