Think like the tortoise, run like the hare

In today’s world of intense competition and ever-increasing pressure, not just to perform but excel, manufacturers have to make things faster and to a higher quality. And mistakes are no longer tolerated in virtually any modern factory. Sarah Coles looks at how quality is delivered under pressure

A law unto itself: A manufacturing perspective

With a legislative framework that increasingly governs the minutiae of UK manufacturers’ operations, TM assistant editor Edward Machin investigates the recent statutory provisions covering corporate manslaughter, disciplinary procedures, and accruing sick pay which are set to affect the entire sector.

Talent management could turn new page for paper manufacturers

Paper and pulp manufacturing has suffered heavily from the downturn, but it was already facing challenges, perhaps the greatest of which is a shortage of talent. The industry faces an ageing workforce, the decline of printing in certain markets and a perception of being unglamorous. But it could capitalise heavily on the dour economy by investing in talent management, say Peter A. Frandina, J.F Fernandez Perdiz and David A. Rossi at Accenture.