Entry level B.I.

The world, it seems, is likely to create more data in 2012 than in all the previous five thousand years put together
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A trusted product with a rich past is finding a new role as an entry-level business intelligence solution, finds Malcolm Wheatley.

An enterprising offering from Oracle

Oracle has pioneered the concept and delivery of Enterprise PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

Following TM’s focus on PLM in February, enterprise technology company Oracle has responded with some thoughts on technology development trends and insight into its own answer to the need for technologies which accelerate innovation for high tech manufacturers in a fast-moving industry.

Global Manufacturing Festival

Sheffield Forgemasters AP1000 despatch.
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The Global Manufacturing Festival has a big ambition: to become the default, global hub for seekers of special materials-based knowledge and products – The Farnborough International Air Show of the advanced materials world.

Employee of the month: Phil Burns

Phil Burns MBE in front of an image of the Queen Elizabeth class, one of the projects he worked on
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Phil Burns, Engineering Manager, BAE Systems Submarine Solutions, took up his craft apprenticeship at a time when they were a major entry route to a career in manufacturing and engineering. Thirty-nine years later, he is due to meet with the Queen to receive an MBE for services to the defence industry. Here he talks to TM about his recent recognition and skills for success.

Workforce and skills: the female of the species

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Manufacturing may not always have been the best environment in which to see female professional talent shine. But times are changing, and many companies are now finding that their highest flying apprentices are among the gradually swelling ranks of young women entering the industry. TM highlights some of Britain’s finest female prodigies showcased during National Apprenticeship Week last month.