Supply Chain

Rationalising your supply chain

Efficiency and safety in the warehouse is critical.

End to end supply chain management is a dream for many and the recession has seen significant consolidation in manufacturing supply chains as companies seek efficiency. But how to you ensure that supply chain partners are maintaining a competitive offering and, crucially, how do you ditch those who don’t without disrupting a leaned out operation? Brian Templar, chairman at logistics consultancy Davies & Robson discusses.

Small batch supply

Confidence in the ability of third party logistics partners to provide flexible solutions is at a high says Tony Suggitt, joint managing director of Redhead International.

Visibility in supply chains

Germany is often held up as an exemplar when it comes to European manufacturing and attendees at TM’s recent Supply Chain Excellence Dinner agreed that its approach to having joined up supply chains is key to its unusually strong industrial base. Responding to this suggestion, Nick Lowe, MD of third party logistics provider, Dachser UK, says that the approach of German companies to leveraging technology plays an important part in its resilience.

Top of the food chain

What supply chain management strategies and tactics are needed to support competitive manufacturing in the UK? Jane Gray rounds up discussion among manufacturing supply chain professionals at a recent TM dinner and debate.

Globalising the supply chain

Economic, geopolitical and environmental factors mean regular supply chain audits are essential to protect global procurement platforms, says Peter Russell, head of manufacturing sector coverage at Royal Bank of Scotland.