Alstom has presented its zero-emission hydrogen train at InnoTrans - image courtesy of Alstom

World’s first hydrogen train debuts in Germany

NetworkManufacturing requires a global network of distribution, sales and support - image courtesy of Adobe.

Transform your field sales with FAST by Acumen Solutions

The Boston Dynamics humanoid robot, Atlas, showcasing its balancing abilities - image courtesy of IHMC and Youtube

A Boston Dynamics humanoid robot showcases balancing on one foot

Mike Orange from CeCence discusses aerospace applications with MIT Media UK - image courtesy of MIT Media UK and Youtube

Applications for thermoformed composite materials in aerospace manufacturing

EU Commission finds Ireland gave illegal tax beneifts to Apple - image courtesy of EU Commission

EU says Apple must repay 13bn euros over ‘illegal’ Irish tax deal

The new 2017 Lincoln MKZ - image courtesy of Lincoln

100 Years of Luxury Cars and introducing the 2017 Lincoln MKZ

Born to Engineer - a new household fire-safety device by Yusu Muhammad - image courtesy of Born to Engineer

Born to Engineer: a new household fire-safety device by Yusuf Muhammad

A fully-functioning steel hot mill model made from Lego

UPS Smart Operations - Survivors vs Thrivers - image courtesy of UPS

Smart Operations: Keeping Pace with Customer Demand

Born to Engineer - Matthew Holloway insulation robot - image courtesy of Born to Engineer

Born to Engineer: Mathew Holloway has built a robot to keep you warm

Rolls-Royce engineer mule equipped with new all wheel drive system.

Can you steal the hood ornament from a Rolls-Royce?

SuperMeat - REAL meat, without killing animals - image courtesy of Supermeat

Supermeat wants to farm meat without the animal

No SafeContractor membership, no entry into Weetabix” – Gary Mobbs, Group Heath & Safety Manager at Weetabix Ltd

Food giant Weetabix sets health and safety standards high with Alcumus SafeContractor

The Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot is an autonomous bus that has been launched by the Germany automaker - image courtesy of Daimler-Mercedes-Benz.

The Future Bus: Mercedes launches autonomous bus

A demonstration of the shape memory and superelastic effect of Shape Memory Alloys at Nottingham University - image courtesy of Youtube and Nottingham Uni.

Shape Memory Alloys demonstrated at Nottingham University

On 19 May, 2016, San Bernardino County Fire responded to a fire at The Ivanpah concentrated solar power plant in California - image courtesy of San Bernardino County Fire Department. Global Power Grid

China wants to build a global power grid worth $50tr

A Boeing 787-9 conducts aerobatic stunts. Image courtesy of Boeing.

Boeing 787-9 put through its paces with impressive aerobatic display

The Connected Enterprise - Fourth Industrial Revolution webinar image

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Are UK manufacturers embracing it?