Adelaide scientist, Colin Hall, recognised with Prime Minister's science prize for creating shatter-proof car mirror - image courtesy of The Lead SA

New plastic material being used to replace mirrored glass in cars

Acumen and Salesforce webinar speakers slide

Using your channels to connect with your end customers – Webinar

Volvo Group has won the Gold Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards for its latest corporate film, which uses miniature models - image courtesy of Volvo

Volvo corportate film wins the Gold Dolphin at Cannes

HoloLens brings new vision to elevator maintenance

HoloLens brings new vision to elevator maintenance

Servitization Webinar: Time to intensify your drive into services

Alstom has presented its zero-emission hydrogen train at InnoTrans - image courtesy of Alstom

World’s first hydrogen train debuts in Germany

NetworkManufacturing requires a global network of distribution, sales and support - image courtesy of Adobe.

Transform your field sales with FAST by Acumen Solutions

The Boston Dynamics humanoid robot, Atlas, showcasing its balancing abilities - image courtesy of IHMC and Youtube

A Boston Dynamics humanoid robot showcases balancing on one foot

Mike Orange from CeCence discusses aerospace applications with MIT Media UK - image courtesy of MIT Media UK and Youtube

Applications for thermoformed composite materials in aerospace manufacturing

EU Commission finds Ireland gave illegal tax beneifts to Apple - image courtesy of EU Commission

EU says Apple must repay 13bn euros over ‘illegal’ Irish tax deal

The new 2017 Lincoln MKZ - image courtesy of Lincoln

100 Years of Luxury Cars and introducing the 2017 Lincoln MKZ

Born to Engineer - a new household fire-safety device by Yusu Muhammad - image courtesy of Born to Engineer

Born to Engineer: a new household fire-safety device by Yusuf Muhammad

A fully-functioning steel hot mill model made from Lego

UPS Smart Operations - Survivors vs Thrivers - image courtesy of UPS

Smart Operations: Keeping Pace with Customer Demand

Born to Engineer - Matthew Holloway insulation robot - image courtesy of Born to Engineer

Born to Engineer: Mathew Holloway has built a robot to keep you warm

Rolls-Royce engineer mule equipped with new all wheel drive system.

Can you steal the hood ornament from a Rolls-Royce?

SuperMeat - REAL meat, without killing animals - image courtesy of Supermeat

Supermeat wants to farm meat without the animal