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Roll grinding made easy by Omron

Automation case study - An Omron implementation at Halifax Numerical Controls video grab
Posted on 18 Feb 2014 by Tim Brown

Industrial Automation company, Omron, takes an in depth look at one of its implementation projects at Halifax Numerical Controls.

A control system based on products from Omron is helping machine-tool expert Halifax Numerical Controls (HNC) to achieve success in the UK and around the world in the …

Mainetti: What success hangs on

What do you imagine when you hear UK government rhetoric about support for growth in advanced and high value manufacturing? Probably not a facility which produces 100 million coat hangers a year at 12p a unit. Yet Jane Gray finds that Mainetti is indeed the epitome of a competitive, value add business.

Making branding shine

Posted on 3 May 2013 by Tim Brown

Diametric is a manufacturer of bespoke industrial badges, labels, nameplates, graphic overlays and fascias for a range of industry sectors including: automotive (OEMs and aftermarket), audio, medical and electronics. Tim Brown talks to managing director, Pete Knight, and sales and marketing director, Graham Steele, about the process of converting a company’s brand into something remarkable.

adi Group: One direction

Posted on 8 Apr 2013 by

It’s not every company that will refund a customer the difference on a contract that comes in on time and under budget. But then adi Group isn’t every company. James Sopwith, MD of adi Mechanical explains the ethos and strategy behind recent growth.