Retaining talent

Replacing members of staff is an expensive business. In industries like manufacturing where appropriate skills can be hard to come by, a high attrition rate could cost more than just cash. Mark Young explores the steps companies can take to hang on to their headcounts.

Giving a face to industry

As many manufacturers contend, there is a substantial lack of awareness among the public and wider business of the opportunities available in UK manufacturing. This has led to a shortfall in the skills and investment necessary to sustain a strong manufacturing base. Last month’s Global Manufacturing Festival is one of a number of events taking place this year hoping to improve the image of industry, generate interest in manufacturing and stimulate debate about the issues facing the sector. Tim Brown reports.

ERP is one remedy to growing pains

Post-recession manufacturing demands agile, responsive and highly efficient businesses. John Stephens discusses with Craig Such of Access the scenarios where ERP systems have pulled companies through the downturn, helping to fix some growth pains including varying order profiles and retaining full-time staff to help with IT system implementation.

Object of desire

Computing horsepower and a manufacturing recovery are transforming the market for rapid prototyping, says Malcolm Wheatley. Despite competition from virtual prototyping, rapid prototypers see the manufacture of real parts as the big prize.