ERP is one remedy to growing pains

Post-recession manufacturing demands agile, responsive and highly efficient businesses. John Stephens discusses with Craig Such of Access the scenarios where ERP systems have pulled companies through the downturn, helping to fix some growth pains including varying order profiles and retaining full-time staff to help with IT system implementation.

Object of desire

Computing horsepower and a manufacturing recovery are transforming the market for rapid prototyping, says Malcolm Wheatley. Despite competition from virtual prototyping, rapid prototypers see the manufacture of real parts as the big prize.

Lean and green: Platitude or possibility?

The benefits of aligning lean thinking with green intentions are touted by some practitioners and consultants as a new paradigm for lean and green success. Proponents of the pairing argue that the combination will extend all boundaries previously considered possible for each alone. But to what extent is this simply lobbying from green activists who want to see environmental considerations pushed higher up the corporate agenda?