Pension apprehension

Large firms’ pension funds were heavily depleted before the downturn reared its ugly head; recession has left them ravaged. In part 2 of a double-feature on company pension schemes, Mark Young explores what some companies are doing to plug the gaps.

Tough decisions

Jane Gray talks to improvement and skills development specialists Kepner-Tregoe about the challenges of decision making and problem solving. How can companies gain confidence in these areas in the face of increasing organisational complexity?

The taming of ERP

Notorious for the trauma it can cause to business infrastructure, enterprise resource planning has nonetheless become a necessity for competitive companies today. How can manufacturers tame this intractable software shrew to optimise system potential and return on investment? Shepherd Neame tell their story.

Production gets smart

Talk of advanced manufacturing across all industry sectors has exploded in the last 12 months. But what does advanced manufacturing really mean for UK companies in terms of processes, skills and competition? Jane Gray finds out.

Examining ERP

Examining ERP John Darlington of the Lean Enterprise Research Centre examines the rise of ERP, its foibles and the forces it brings to bear on manufacturing operations.

ERP systems embrace monthly SaaS pay model

UK manufacturers assessing the fallout of the Emergency Budget need to look no further for their IT silver lining, as next generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems embrace the pay-monthly SaaS model. This presents new opportunities to get ahead, provided that manufacturers aren’t seduced by fly-by-night ERP pretenders, warns Steven Hargreaves, group product director at Solarsoft.